You Look Good - Just a regular day

There is not always an event happening... Well actually there is BUT the streets are really where you will find the best looking people. Simply going about their daily lives. Fabulously colorful and cute.   Yesterday I was fortunate enough to run into a couple of cuties on my way to The Black Gotham Experience "Caesar's Rebellion" tour last night.   These Lookers would let me conduct a micro session (literally 10 minutes or less) on the streets ( and in the train station) just to show the whole world how cute I thought they were.   I really appreciate free models :D 

Im thinking about calling this blog "Model for the Moment" what do you think?   The "You Look Good Style Digest"  or "Model for the Moment"?  Both give you a sense of pride right?  Both make you feel important don't they?   Thats really what I aim to do with this blog.  Make you feel fly AF and get you to visit my website (and follow me on social media). #ImJustBeinHonest.  

We all want followers.  But not just any followers.  Followers who appreciate eclectic style, color and shapes.  Followers who who find your style interesting in ways that inspire them.  Followers who love looks as much or more than I do.  Followers who bring friends who share the same perspectives and enjoyments.  Followers who look at life like one big runway.  

Followers who also need event photography and video!! (Like, lots of those).   But, mostly the former type.  What would also make this fun, are followers who engage.  Tell me what you think of the styles (unless you have something negative to say...In which case "Shut it").  Tell me what dope events would afford me more styles to capture.  

TELL ME SUMTHIN!  OR Just tell my models of the moment "Hey! You LOOK Good!"  




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