You Look Good!!! The Black Gotham Experience

OMG! The Black Gotham Experience Caesars Rebellion tour was amazing! I was lucky enough to attend a tour of the TBGE yesterday and it truly has to be experienced to be truly understood and valued.   If you haven't heard of the Black Gotham Experience I highly suggest you look into it.  Learn the true history of New York City. Not just as it relates to black history but the whole city's history.  You'll learn about how the slave trade came about (the real story), who was involved, how it all went done and when.  The timelines are astonishing and Im so proud of Kamau Ware for 1) Remembering it all and 2) for creating this.   

There is a really deep empathy exercise where you are paired with a historic figure and asked to related to them by virtue of whats learned on the tour.  I had a Doctor named Peter.  Who, while a free black person, fought along side the enslaved to rebel against the Transatlantic Slave Trade.  

The pieces of history not supplied by written account are being constructed as a graphic novel (which I pray is made into a Star Wars like movie conglomerate) to fill in where the history has been erased.  Im EXCITED !  To learn more about Black Gotham Experience please visit their website! 

Here are just a few images from my time with Kamau Ware, OG (Of the OG Theory) and guests (Marcella, Lucia, Kwaku*, Peter*) 

*Real Names escape me.  Both gentlemen were photographers tho :) irl

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