The OG Theory

A night with the cool kids. 

The Gentleman of New York hosted a gathering at Ode to Babel last night that was amazingly chill.  The Spot: Ode to Babel 772 Dean Street Brooklyn, NY Everyone educated, creative, STYLISH AF and brilliant. The vibe was relaxed but energetic.  A lot like you would imagine hanging with cigar smoking, well suited men might feel.  I didn't have to introduce myself to anyone. Everyone introduced themselves and the person closest to them.    I attended the event to meet the GONY family after being fans for a long time.   OG greeted me like he's known me my whole life then introduced me to everyone else.  

Spending time with people discussing the politics of media and the fashion industry is always fun.  Spending time shooting gorgeous black people is also, always fun.  


The YLG Street Style Digest presents The Gentlemen of New York.  

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