DanceAfrica 2017

This boy scout inspired denim dress spotted on @aunt_viv  is TOO CUTE! #ylgstyledigest  

This boy scout inspired denim dress spotted on @aunt_viv  is TOO CUTE! #ylgstyledigest  


Welcome to "You Look Good!!"  The Street Style Digest.  My ode to the efforts of personal style.   You take time to put together your look, I SEE YOU!  And you look good.    Join me as I pay homage to you and your fine style.  Plain and Simple.  Every single day there is a new event to attend,  style to see, new person to know and new story share.  This is going to be SO much fun :)  

Memorial Day weekend was "DanceAfrica" at the Brooklyn Academy of Music where for 3 days there is a street fair and dance performances by the top rated African dance troupes in the world.  For the last 40 years DanceAfrica has been the absolute "must attend" event in Brooklyn. All cultures, races, ages and gender identification. Everyone comes. Everyone.   Most of all it is a great opportunity to see bold clothing, jewelry, arrays of Ankara, leather sandals, SO MANY CHOICES! And thats just apparel.  Food!  Food is a whole 'nother blog. #comingsoon

You can imagine some of the looks I fawned over.  Well maybe you can't. And you don't have to! Because the gallery is at the bottom of the post.  I don't actually share much of my opinion of style.  I truly respect the individual and every individuals choice to make decisions that suit them.  So I simply celebrate what makes my heart skip a beat.  

Now I must tell you that I did the most blasphemous thing and shot these image on my Iphone. However Annie Leibovitz once said, "The most important camera is the one you have with you".  So I am forgiving myself and hope you can too.  Moving forward these will be very stellar SLR images only.  



Established by Baba Chuck Davis as a performance piece, DanceAfrica grew to an annual Celebration of the African Diaspora. Learn more about DanceAfrica Here!   

Did you make it to DanceAfrica???


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