CurlFest 2018

I LOVE US!!  A sea of beautiful black women.  Descended upon the Neathermead like at cloud of rolling thunder! With as much force, mystery, beauty and billowy black fluffiness. Proving without a shadow of a doubt that; black women (all women actually) run deep and support loyally.   Curlfest 2018 was the event to end all events and the summer is only half way complete.  Curls, Coils, Spirals and Waves.  Kente, Ankara, stripes, mesh and feathers.  No stops were pulled at all.  Prospect Park has never seen so many beautiful people! 

Please enjoy this brief revelrious (yes i made that up) review of what will forever be where God comes to slay, play and just appreciate.

Congratulations to the Curly Girl Collective on a successful event.  You guys truly inspired a nation and we are here for it!

Thank you for this.

To learn more about Curlfest visit:

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