Rock Yo Selfie!!

Rock Yo Selfie!!

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The Rock Yo Selfie Workshop: 


I am a self proclaimed selfie addict.  I take my own pictures to ensure they are taken. My 30 years as a photographer ensure they are just a tad bit creatively and at the very least, technically sound.    


As for you, your friends HATE you and them got-damn selfies!  BUT YOU LOVEEEEE your selfies… Your Instagram and website blog posts needs serious attention.  

Limited by your lack of a supportive selfie environment and the quick and dirty tricks of cellphone photography you aren’t getting the shots you want.


This workshop is that help. 


Here is our plan: 


Come in meet and greet

Selfie Confidence building

Selfie Technicals

Selfie Safety - Dont kill yourselfie

Shooting practice and one on one time with Cali