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"5 Ways to Tasty" 

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Welcome to Cali York Creatives Free Photography Tips Series "5 ways". 

First in this series of natural light photography workshops is FOOD!    My personal favorite.   You're likely here because you desire a fast and easy way to improve your food photography.  Understanding that there are so many questions to ask and so much to learn, I thought I would share 5 really simple ways to approach food photography that are GUARANTEED to advance your imagery.   More advance learning is available on my youtube channel "ExploringEurila The BlogShow" where a guest chef shows you how to create their signature dishes at home but nothing beats our hands on workshops. 

Eurila Cave of Cali York Creative has been eating food for 39 years and photographing it for 7.   And it will only take YOU 5 minutes to learn what otherwise is a lifetime of information.  Saving you many more hours of trial and error, troublesome editing or the extra calories you consume eating your props!

Below are 5 easy and fool proof ways to photograph your food to tantalize.  Using natural light, a table or the floor and a white (or black) board you can create dynamic food images and change the way your meals are received online and off.    

Get ready to take your images to the next level.  

If you are looking for hands on workshops OR professional photographers to handles your images for you, click this link!