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Tatted Up Folk: Recognizing we are living in an age where art has no boundaries this project sought to photograph a social wave in an intimate fashion. What's more intimate than our bodies? Our tattoos, the stories behind them and how body art impacts their daily lives. 

UPDATE:  August 2017 

Because we've received so many requests and great feedback on this project, Cali York Creative is happy to announce Fall of 2017 we will resume shooting the Tatted Up Folk Portrait Series.  The goal this time around being 100 families and a gorgeous hard cover photo book by 2020.  

WHY:  Tattoos connect us. We need more connecting these days.  We need more examples of why we are the same.  What inspired each piece? What significance it holds, all create relatable stories because we all have them. Memorials, celebrations, achievements, triumphs. The answers lie in our tattoos Being parents also connects us.  What do we want for our children? How do we feel our tattoos impact them? 

This project is about more than just images. It's about bridging a divide. 

I might have to start an Instagram account for this :)