The Execution


Projections + Expectations

Izzy + Liv estimated needing photographs for up to 20 apparel and accessory items, up to 10 product items, using 2-5 models per session and varying locations chosen by theme or season.  We would aim to produce both seamless white photography, flatlay style and lifestyle images during the sessions.  



Cali York Creative will consult with the Izzy & Liv team to determine best elements for locations. Once locations are chosen, models will be cast.  Models will be advised of their participation and need to supply their own hair, makeup, denim jeans and footwear as well as what best colors to use.  On shoot day, "Seamless" and "Lifestyle" images will be shot separately and locations will be in close proximity to each other.  Models will be scheduled to be photographed after still images.  All Izzy & Liz products being photographed for a particular session will be delivered to the designated shoot location in advance of the shoot date.  



Monthly Image Deliverables: 

Seamless White Background Photos and Video

Lifestyle Photography 

2-5 Models

110-130 corrected/edited images 

  • 59 Apparel shots
  • 39 Accessory shots
  • 20 product shots


This equates to and average 3-5 frames per item (assuming 20 is the most). 

CALI YORK released-6.jpg

Image Copyright Notes: 

 All best images taken during each session will be shared with the Izzy & Liv team. 

“Deliverable images” are the final selection of images that will be edited and licensed to use for commercial purposes.    The images are for use in displaying items for sale on the Izzy & Liv website, promoting the brand on social media, in emails, brochures , billboards, bus stops, train stations, live events and other places images are used to display for advertising purposes.   

The images themselves, their likeness or duplications are not for sale and can otherwise be used at Izzy & Liv’s discretion for a maximum of 5 years.   

 These terms may be further discussed and further refined to obtain the most suitable option for your needs. 

Copyright for all images captured by Cali York Creative, including behind the scenes footage remains Cali York Creative.