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The Proposal


Project Overview


Connect & Cultivate + Confirm. 

Through the power of strong visual media we will; Connect viewers to products with simple yet effective and clean display images.  Cultivate a strong buyer relationship by putting them in the picture.  Confirm choosing Izzy & Liv is easy, with gorgeous photography and playful video.  Then execute the shoot with fun and efficiency.  

Lifestyle apparel, accessories and products retailer Izzy & Liv meets  Cali York Creative for the creation of commercial product and lifestyle editorial images.  

For commerce and for the culture...

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CALI YORK released-2.jpg


Photography & Videography

High Resolution Digital capture in still photo and motion video formats; of t-shirts, bracelets and earrings worn by a model, flatlay style and seamless white backgrounds. 300 dpi Photographs. 4k quality Video capture of Models in Izzy & Ivy Apparel on seamless white background. 

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Pre and Post production activities including but not limited to: 

  • Photo and Video Editing
  • Model casting
  • Location search
  • Scheduling
  • Administrative tasks (release forms, etc),
  • Editing/retouching
  • Delivering drafts and finalizations
  • Communications