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Happy New Year!!! It’s 2016 and I’m so ready for another amazing year.  Watch the latest episode of #ExploringEurila The Blogshow! 

Creating this blogshow series is more about me getting to know myself and what’s possible for me than it is educating or entertaining you. While I indeed will educate and entertain you, I am doing all of this to let you see that I am clearly capable of certain things and would like to be considered when looking for the person you need to give you what I provide.  As well to encourage every doubtful individual of their potential. As I test myself others are inspired. It opens the world up.... Keep Reading




November 2015

What a wonderful response to my first blog post!  Thanks for watching and sharing the video with your friends. I really had a good time making that. Such a good time I wondered if I could do it again.  Inspiration and authenticity mean everything to me and I let go of every rule and did it the way I know how. And you loved it!!  Bad grammar and all. Thank you again. Whether or not the recipe would measure up to the anticipation of the taste was such a thrilling moment for me... Keep Reading

Life is all about challenges. Balancing your children's activities and your busy work schedule; challenging. Finding the best shirt for that power meeting; challenging.  Electing a sane and capable President of these United States; challenging. Making Thanksgiving Mac and Cheese when you usually bring the salad; CHALLENGING!  This year I, Eurila Cave, was challenged..... Keep Reading


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