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Photo by: Eurila Cave (Yes it's a selfie, I rock at those) 

Photo by: Eurila Cave (Yes it's a selfie, I rock at those) 

Cali | York Photography   

Eurila Cave, Photographer/videographer/producer


I'm Eurila. Visual Media Maven, Mom and Motivational Speaker.  Visual media Maven is fancy word play for "She's really great at visual media".  I have two daughters who are my sun and moon, a fantastic husband and an  american short haired cat Polo.   Im not  actually a motivational speaker, except to my children. who call it nagging. But its inspiring all the the same.  Friends and colleagues call me for advice and support and it's because of them I consider myself motivational.  I am also very REAL.  And by real I mean unpolished, raw, in your face, REAL. I curse like a sailor or a true 80's baby from crack era Brooklyn. One of those roses from concrete kinda real. 

Now, why am I a visual media maven? The power of images is why.  Images are our world and photography is my key to most doors. I was born with a camera in my face, which by age 6 was in my hands. Fast forward 30 years to today I am an now an experienced, fun, full-time, freelance professional photographer.  Serving Brooklyn and Beyond.  As Cali York Photography my approach is patient and informed. I learn what your needs are and facilitate them as best as possible.  

Often commended on confidence and creativity my pre-entreprenuer life spans 20 years of dedicated customer service for local Brooklyn businesses, New York Senate and Yahoo!

 I did not always have the confidence to work for myself.  That changed in 2009 when I first planted the seed and asked my Facebook friends to consider me for photography of events.  My first booking was for the Bronx Democratic Party Holiday party.  At this event I shot a photo that, the next day, was purchased by the NY Daily News and featured in an article about two Bronx politicians.  No negotiations or contracts.  Just a check and a published image...Just like that,  I was working photographer. I haven't stopped. 

Understanding images were worth money and I had the ability to create images well enough to earn my own money, I sought out to do that.  I took two years to build a website, take pictures for my portfolio and learn who I was as a photographer. In 2011 I said "Peace out!" to Monster.com and "What up Doh?!" to entrepreneurhood.   

For the last 5 years Cali York Photography has humbly photographed portraits and events for hundreds of families and businesses in NY, NJ, DC and FL. A few local notables include: (*personal)

Miss Jessie's


New York Kids Club 

Jack & Jill of America Brooklyn Chapter

FELA - Knitting Factory Records




FACE Africa

Professional Men of Zeta Psi Chapter

Memphis Mayor AC Wharton

New York State Senator Kevin Parker

New York State Assemblyman Walter Mosley*

New York City Councilman Robert Cornegy

Eurila's work has appeared in numerous global internet media publications including Examiner.com, Huffingtonpost.com, Forbes.com, Vibevixen.com,Bellanaija.com Blackenterprise.com and NYDailyNews.com (and printed editions). Even a full size bus stop ad in Brooklyn once :) Countless blogs, Facebook, LinkedIn and website about me pages as well. 

Summer 2014 I developed a web series called "Awesome Black Photographer" which interviewed black photographers about their lives, that inspired me to examine my own life.

 #ExploringEurila “The BlogShow” is a Blog about my life and interesting people place and things in them..  I aim to share  experiences, teach a little and keep a record of cool things for her grandchildren and inspire someone to develop their own ideas and be possible. While simultaneously exposing my clean and visually stimulating photography and video skills.  #ExploringEurila “The BlogShow” is Filmed and Edited by Me, Eurila Cave. All photographs (except where noted) are my photographs.  Designed to connect and engage, the blog is guaranteed to be scored by fantastic musicians, feature humor and entertainment.  


Eurila Cave for Cali York photography :)  Photo Credit: ME #iloveseflies

Eurila Cave for Cali York photography :) 

Photo Credit: ME #iloveseflies

Below is my Pre-Entrepreneur life resume.  

Monster Worldwide

Strategic Major Accounts Manager   2010- 2011

•Amassed training on the Monster Worldwide products, practices and policies.

•Provided client support with the transition of services from Hotjobs to Monster. 

•Monster acquired Hotjobs in August 2010.  I remained with the company until March 2011.


Strategic Major Accounts Manager 2008-2010

•Provide reactive, technical and strategic, support to Fortune 500 to 1000 companies. 

•Created HTML job templates to highlight client branding and enhanced candidate experience Hotjobs site. As a result; increased traffic to company websites, job postings and helped increase brand recognition amongst Yahoo! users.  

•Managed account on-boarding by training end users on the functionality and best practices of Yahoo! Hotjobs; often conducting web based product training sessions, usually attended by 5 – 50 recruiters/hiring managers/HR reps, etc., liaison with Recruitment Advertising Agencies and Application Tracking System vendors and product distribution. 

•Conduct in depth quarterly account reviews with clients to optimize usage, highlight job performance, identify areas of improvement and analyze cost to increase return on investment. 

•Conduct weekly discussions with account executives to keep abreast of account renewal status, identify up-sell opportunities and day to day needs of accounts. 

•Advise key decision makers on best choice of internet based media products. Obtained clients trust to modify product suite in order to provide better results and reduce cost per candidate.


Sales Quality Agent – 2006- 2008

• Monitored all online self serve purchases for fraudulent credit card charges, took necessary actions to reverse credit card charges and remove “sketchy” job postings.  

•Reviewed new business accounts to ensure Terms and Conditions compliance. 

•Managed two assistants; administered daily tasks and work schedules to ensure departmental quality and productivity goals are met.

•Reviewed and refined existing processes/procedures/tools, identifying new opportunities and developing new methods to improve overall efficiency and quality.

• Ensured the performance of Sales Quality initiatives were inline with the Yahoo! mission and goals.

•Preempted or reversed millions of dollars in fraudulent credit card charges during my tenure. 


Customer Care Representative 2005- 2006 

• Reactive support of all Yahoo! Hotjobs customers and jobseekers

• Received 600-800 inbound calls per month helping jobseeker navigate the Hotjobs website and assisting clients troubleshoot site issues, answered questions about product functions and pricing. 

• Answered jobseeker query emails on searching the site and setting up an account as well as client emails; also troubleshooting site issues, questions about product functions and pricing.

• Tested site upgrades and logged system-related issues to internal ticketing system for developer investigation.

• Respond to and resolved client issues with good judgment and emphasis on customer satisfaction and the Yahoo! mission.


Executive Assistant/ Scheduler to State Senator Malcolm A. Smith and his Chief-of-Staff 2001-2005 

•Administer and coordinate Senator’s schedule including meetings, speaking engagements, private appointments and travel commitments to minimize conflicts and optimize his productive time. 

•Arrange domestic and international business trips, ordered car service, made hotel reservations and recommend the most cost effective itineraries. 

•Assist in working closely with community leaders, elected officials, small businesses and organizations to create effective communications 

•Key member of coordinating team responsible for planning successful projects such as Cancer Study, Senior Appreciation week and District profile. 

•Composed memorandums, annual reports, compiled constituent letters and notices. 

•Organize and participate in fundraising events and community activities. 

•Facilitate weekly meetings and provide information to public. 

•Assist in the preparation of media alerts such as press releases, press advisories and press conferences. 

•Maintain office inventory, order supplies and equipment and manage office petty cash. 


Executive Assistant to the Brooklyn Regional Vice President 1998-1999 

•Provided administrative support 

•Responsible for creating and maintaining databases and mailing lists. 

•Assisted with the completion of mortgage application forms. 

•Conducted mass communication efforts using fax, e-mail and traditional mail systems. 


Office Manager to the Partnership Sanitation Department 1997-1998 

•Provided administrative support to the Director of the Sanitation Department and gave additional support to the entire department. 

•Organized itineraries, managed calenders meetings and weekly conferences •Compiled and input data into company's customized database system for record keeping and payroll 


•Screened all incoming calls; took accurate and detailed messages. 

•Maintained employee weekly schedule; coordinated time off requests and payroll. 

•Filed worker compensation reports. 

•Implemented an innovative and more effective filing system to ensure organization and facilitated staffs ability to locate files.


SUNY FARMINGDALE STATE UNIVERSITY Associated in Science of Business Administration Farmingdale, LI

References will be furnished upon request


Thanks for taking the time to read a little about me.  This is only info pertaining to my life and photography.  I am a mother, wife, sister, friend, supporter and nurturer to many.  I am blessed to live a full and love filled life that I would only make bigger to love and share more.  





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The modern day tearsheet.  Places around the world wide web (and printed magazines) Cali | York Photography has appeared.