Visual Media Proposal


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2019 Visual Media Branding Package

Conversation Style Interview Video

3 - 3 min casual interview style videos. Either separate subjects or parts of longer video. Off camera question narrator, conversation style response delivery, low volume musical scoring and on screen branding.

Product Photography

Still images of the key tools, items and elements of your business.


Environmental Portraits

Posed portraits of owners and employees in the working environment.


Influencer night event photography


Video Editing Examples

Hi Paopo!

It was SO great meeting you! Your plates are delicious and your stories are captivating! I can’t wait to get started and connect with new customers in a sexy, fun and engaging way. Below are all of the details regarding the services we will provide for you. If you have any questions please let me know.

We will shoot your first round of videos on Saturday August 17, 2019 at 5Pm. Your look is business comfortable (suit jacket, white shirt, no tie, belt, pants ,etc). Please feel free to get Metro Sexy. As long as you’re comfortable.

Our goal is to present a dinner experience feel and educate visitors on the quality and taste through texture rich images and your story.

I Tre Meril 2019 Visual Media Package:


  • 2 hour video shoot for conversation style interview shoot.

  • 1 Hour Event Photography

  • 1 hour product shoot for still images of prepared plates, tools and ingredients etc.*

    *post renovation date.

All assistance, makeup, audio, lighting, camera equipment and accessories needed to complete project.

This package includes 2-3 on location shooting days at different stages of the renovation phase. Consideration to be placed on:

  • Maintaining a clean look focused on lights and greenery.

  • Demonstrating the continuity of success over the years.

  • Presenting a welcoming atmosphere for everyday dinner crowd diners.

  • The authentic and historic qualities of the food and drinks.

Pre and Post Shoot Production

  • Pre Shoot preparation (Consultation, equipment rental, etc)

  • Video recording and editing for three 3 min videos for Youtube/Website/Facebook with 15 sec to 1 Min trailers for each full length (total 6 videos) between 15 secs and 3 mins in length for IG and IGTV, Youtube and Facebook. *

  • Approximately 20 hours video post production

  • Delivery of completed photographs and videos as soon as possible before by 8/30 deadline.

Non-Exclusive Unlimited Usage License to all images and videos.

Deliverables include ( approximations ):

  • 6 edited videos

  • 3 edited environmental portraits per person.

  • Event photography images and video

    Projected project end date: 9/30/19

Rate: $3500

Official contract terms are available upon acceptance of estimate. A deposit of 50% of estimate is due upon signing with the remaining balance due at delivery of edited videos and influencer event images 9/7 or by projected end date 9/30/2019.

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