Let's get to know each other EVEN better! 

By now I have already reached out to you and expressed what an incredible person I find you to be.

 By now I have gathered that you bring special value to the world that deserves light and acknowledgement.  

By now I have asked if I could interview you and you have humbly accepted.  

 The goal of this show is to demonstrate:

 "Living Purposefully on Purpose".

 Using visual media to the showcase how we live purposefully in a deliberate and engaging way. This show is aided to help educate the young and hungry on what it takes to be great, your industry peers on why you are great and your future clients on why their lives are less great without you. 

Please fill out this intake questionnaire! The content provided here will be used directly in the Blog post that accompanies your blogshow video post or photo profile post.  Please be mindful of spelling and grammar as your answers will not be edited for those things but may be edited for content length.  

These question will also be the questions asked during the recorded interview.  You do not have to consider this your script. You can consider it a guide and use it to keep your thoughts on track with the conversation, if we haven't recorded and interview yet.

During our recorded interview we will speak naturally and post will take care of the rest. 

Thank you for allowing me to feature you as a guest on an episode of #ExploringEurila The BlogShow (no subtitle necessary).

Exploring YOU!
Please answer honestly and try not to over think the responses. It's not the GMAT. It's a Blogshow feature. Have fun!
#ExploringEurila The BlogShow is a fun introspection on what makes you the amazing person you are. Tell us a little about what makes you, you.
Living Social (Oooh in a Millennial kinda world, Im glad I have IG! Shout out to Queen Latifah)
You are an influencer. Your tribe is deep. Information sharing and gathering. You're a walking magazine. Where do you get the most life online?
This is your opportunity to highlight something you want to discuss. Let me know what we have to include.