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Learn the simple beauty of natural light photography.  Cali York Creative is a NYC photography company specializing in the preservation of the important moments of our lives.  While photographing all the ways people enjoy life, Cali has learned that teaching photography is needed now more than ever.  For 7 years Cali York has become a renowned portrait and event photographer and is now sharing her breadth of knowledge with the world beyond her commissions. Starting with the quite elements that provide substance to the experience, to the experience itself.   Each lesson will put you 5 steps ahead of the game. 

Below are the latest workshops where you will learn: 5 key ways to approach food photography, basic camera operation techniques for better portraits, event images, product shots and yourself!    Yes! Yourself.  


Hands On Workshops 

Stay tuned for the FALL 2018 Schedule! 


Because the camera is still in the box and if you don't learn how to use it your son will assume you don't love him and we all know that's not true.  

Because these professional rates are looking like college tuition and hardwork has never scared you.  

Because becoming a photographer is all you've ever wanted in life and you are not the youtube  learning type.  

For all of the "because"'s you need for learning your camera, Cali has all the answers to make you the best photographer you can be.  

What's The Function workshop welcomes all levels of "WTF does this do!?" and "WTF is that for?". 


Rock Yo Selfie!!
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The Rock Yo Selfie Workshop: 

Admit it,  Your family HATES you and them got damn selfies!  BUT YOU LOVEEEEE your selfies… Still there is a problem. These selfies need help. You need to stand out. Your business relies on your image and you want to control it.  You want help to get better selfies.  Limited by your lack of a supportive selfie environment and the quick and dirty tricks of cellphone photography, you aren’t getting the shots you want.  This workshop is that supportive environment. Consider it a "Selfie Support Group!"

Empower your selfie game!