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PRESS PLAY and meet the woman responsible for my WASH Gala look, wearing makeup on days I'm not being seen by people and possibly wanting a pair of Louboutin Shoes. #yeahisaidit

It wasn't until I became a professional photographer did it really occur to me the importance of style on an entrepreneurs life. Not necessarily the designer labels or the trending blouse types but style. Good style is trust worthy. How you wear you clothes lets people know (sometimes) you are credible.  I say sometime because this can also be used to trick you.  Shoes never lie however. NEVER EVER!  If you want to judge a person look at their shoes.  

What your choices are saying about you says everything about your choices.  Before you have an opportunity to speak and introduce yourself, your outfit has already explained where you're from, the type of job you have, the things that interest you and your favorite color.  It might have even shared your marital status, what your past life era and your social security number.   It gets DEEP! Im kidding but not really.

"You can never take too much care over the choice of your shoes. Too many women think that they are unimportant, but the real proof of an elegant woman is what is on her feet." —Christian Dior 

I, personally, am not elegant. I am not even sure I could pretend, so  I usually skip it.  Except once a year for the Met Gala of the African Diaspora! The Face Africa WASH Gala.  

Throughout my journey I have met hundreds of fashionistas, designers, stylists, artists and everyday people who make bold statements with the clothing choices.  Fashion is life. Colors express moods, form and comfort matter more than labels and  coordination is effortless.  I love fashion.  I really do.  

What I love more is STYLE and  stylish people.  

Follow Remi on Instagram @REMIFAGBOHUN                     Cali York Photography 

Follow Remi on Instagram @REMIFAGBOHUN                     Cali York Photography 

The next amazing woman making an impact on my life, Remi Fagbohun,  knows all about style.  Professional stylist and shopper (, wife, mom to one and big sister to many.  Remi is as my IG post put it, "@remifagbohun is that's fly ass big sister, cousin, young auntie, king women you beg to take you shopping cause she has all the latest and looks so good all the time. Remi is that ear that listens and doesn't judge and that friend who will take you to workout or get manicures because it's been a long time. She's amazing to me because we are friends. And I wouldn't allow friendship the way she gives it for so long. I'm simply honoring what I appreciate in her and think you should too.  

Follow Remi on Instagram @REMIFAGBOHUN                           All images by Cali York Photography 

Follow Remi on Instagram @REMIFAGBOHUN                           All images by Cali York Photography 

It's not everyday you get to sip wine at the Gucci store after hours, get rickshaw rides between Christian Louboutin stores accompanied by United Nations Deputy Counsel Generals, sit front row at Tibi fashion shows and panels featuring Tibi Creative Director Amy Smilovic, Photographer Tamu McPherson and Director Wendy Fineman (Forrest Gump, The Devil Wears Prada).  Not unless your running the streets with Remi. And we only hang out a couple times a month maybe. I'd be EXHAUSTED with her life so I am super grateful for the calls and invites I get to accept every so often.  

Check out the videos I've made hanging out with Remi and our Exploring Amazing Women Chat!  

If you love keeping up with events, great fasho

WASH GALA - BCBG MaxAzaria -  Click the picture to see all of my Face Africa Wash Gala 2017 images.

WASH GALA - BCBG MaxAzaria -  Click the picture to see all of my Face Africa Wash Gala 2017 images.

Visit to learn more about how Remi approaches style and balances her busy life as a mom and stylist. Then DEFINITELY follow her on Instagram for the latest shoes, bags and looks.  Daily there is something new.  You will thank me later. 

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