VIDEO - New Year, Three Me!

Happy New Year!!! It’s 2016 and I’m so ready for another amazing year.  Watch the latest episode of #ExploringEurila The Blogshow! 

Creating this blogshow series is more about me getting to know myself and what’s possible for me than it is educating or entertaining you. While I indeed will educate and entertain you, I am doing all of this to let you see that I am clearly capable of certain things and would like to be considered when looking for the person you need to give you what I provide.  As well to encourage every doubtful individual of their potential. As I test myself others are inspired. It opens the world up. 

This blogshow episode is all about my history with photography.  Expressed through my love affair with video.  Each of these videos I create myself.  Conceptualized, filmed, edited and distributed by me. And I love it! (In my Weeknd voice) I get my life in Final Cut Pro. Really!!!  Piecing together stories is the best part. Then adding the music.  So it is really important in every area of life that I get to be myself and do what drives and motivate me. It makes the process smoother.   Making visual resume was the perfect project.  Working with my talents not against them.   When I love my work, YOU love my work. 

When given opportunities in the past to be my own brand of magician, the images and session experiences were amazing! Cali York Photography is a great resource for anyone we get to be our own brand of magician for.   She just knows what will work for what you need.  


In this resume I cover a brief overview of my growth from high school exhibitor, to college campus photographer to my first publishing and jump to full time photographer.  There is an incredible amount of work that was not mentioned for the sake of time so I look forward to sharing more as the show continues.   March 11th is Cali York Photography's 5th year anniversary!  It is indeed fitting that this also be the year I really step into my big girl experienced, fun and professional photographer shoes!  Continually enhancing the aspects of myself and my business to better serve the visual media needy.    Thank you for the opportunity to serve. 

Eurila Cave aka Cali York aka Margie St. James is an amazing photographer, videographer, editor, and motivational experience who just happens to be silly and cute and sometimes funny (  Ok , Ok, wildly talented, cute…and funny.  Not even on purpose. Making it that much better. I genuinely hope you enjoy the show!!! Please share if you do.  

For my next blogshow I'm thinking of taking you on a shoot with me or maybe showing a photography quick tip for one of my favorite lighting set ups.  OR I might talk about my hair which I plan to get done next week. Let me know who you want to see more of, me Margie or Cali lol Or if I can help you with those lovely cellphone photos you love so much.  Whatever it is; will be fun to watch and you will learn something.  Even if its only that I'm still wildly talented, cute…and funny. 

If you or anyone you know needs awesome photography, video or both call me at 347-623-7485 or email me Margie@CaliYork.comRates available upon request.

Happy New Year everyone! 

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