MUSLIM COOL - Event Recap Video


Last week was the book signing for Su'ad Abdul Khabeer's Anthropology on Race, religion and Hip Hop in the United States entitled "Muslim Cool" 

When I first saw the cover art I was in LOVE!  I didn't realize it was a book. Honestly I thought it was an event flier.   Her head tie (khimar) reminded me of all the girls at Masjid Khalifah and myself at 19.  It was inspired byJohannes Vemeer's "Girl with a Pearl Earring" but she's black with these big round eyes and bamboo earrings.  I was like "YES!!!! BAMBOO YEESS REMBRANDT!!!".  My heart was warmed as I saw it as an incredible and beautiful representation of my experience with Islam as a young black woman growing up in Bed Stay, Brooklyn. I was THERE FOR IT!!!

Every feeling that I had about this image is expanded this book.  Su'ad Abdul-Khabeer's study of the relationship between race, religion and Hip Hop is so far doing a great jo. Only 10 pages I'm anxious to read more of the research and stories she's collected.    I've only gotten into the Intro and have YES'd a dozen times. 

If you enjoy history, politics, race, religion, enthographic detail and black culture you will in enjoy Muslim Cool. 

"Muslim Cool is about self making, about identity, and subjectivity. About the way young Muslims see, experience and interpret themselves in the world."  

Thank you for this Su'ad!!!