The Blog Show - LaoluNYC + Shake Shack - Cali York Reviews

"Everything is my Canvas" 

Laolu Senbanjo #SacredArtoftheOri artist does it again! This time transforming the walls of iconic burger joint Shake Shack on Flabutsh Avenue in Brooklyn. Across the street from the Barclay Center.   This incredible 3 piece installation is Lao's interpretation of Brooklyn. It features cityscapes, music elements and the Shacks signature lime green accents. It took him a month of non-stop Ori'ing to complete the pieces and you have to see the intricacies up close.

I asked Kate, Laolu's wife and amazing publicist, what the goal was for the project.  "The goal is to have Laolu's art work to be part of the Shake Shack environment.  As he's a huge fan of theirs and they are a huge fan of his. They are honored to be able to have his art of their walls".     

It really is a great look for the restaurant and Laolu.  I love Shake Shack's chicken sandwich (I didn't eat the bread coach!) and love this collaboration.  I shot video also, so Im going go edit that now.   In the meantime check out the amazing pictures!

Credit: Cali York Creative (of course)    

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