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It's not everyday that you meet somebody who "gets" you.  I mean really understands you without a whole lot of explaining.  From day one Kishshana Palmer got me.  Kishshana Palmer is this week feature in a new series of bloghsow posts about my amazing women friends.  

A little bit about the series. When I began this BlogShow endeavor I did it with the intention of showing lifes possibilities by being possible,  What I now call living purposefully on purpose.   Simply exercising my skill sets in one place for my own benefit.  While exploring all of what could be done and how my life could fit neatly inside, it became apparent to me that I was already living the kind of life I thought I needed to construct in order to film a decent blogshow.. 

Eurila Cave is up to her neck in amazing women (amazing people period).  The women in my life expand my world and show me how huge it is and how far you can go by just believing in yourself. Glenda the Good Witch (the Lena Horne version ya'll) sang it best; "Believe whatcha feel and know you're right".  That all you have to do.  Everyday one of my amazing women friends proves to me exactly this.  

#ExploringAmazingWomen I hope will enlighten you to the authenticity of your visions and encourage you to pursue them.  Each of us has a valuable contribution to make.  Through this series you will meet 6 women making theirs.  

Thank you so much for watching (and Reading)  #ExploringEurila The BlogShow, I totally appreciate it.

Ladies and Gentlemen please allow me to introduce to you my good friend; Kishshana Palmer.  

Living life purposefully as a Non-Profit Strategy Consultant.  In this brief conversation you get to learn a little bit about who she is an why she's amazing! Check out the video: 

And this is the written Q and A interview. It reveals there is "Fun" in @funddiva!!! Find out what songs she's starts the day with and who inspires her the most.  


NAME: Kishshana Palmer

INSTAGRAM: @funddiva

TWITTER: funddiva

FACEBOOK: fabulouslyfundraising


Define your purpose:: I am passionate about helping non-profit leaders and entrepreneurs come up with bright ideas that will propel their mission. It's simple for me. I help non-profit professionals grow - through exciting training and coaching. I help organizations grow through strategy development and board training. And I help entrepreneurs figure out how to connect with charities who need them and make money while doing it. I see myself as a teacher a helper. a leader. focused. passionate.

What or Who inspired your present path?: My daughter. She's the reason I get up every day. I didn't start this life wanting to be a solo mama. I was married and thought I would be a trailing spouse. My career was necessary but didn't drive me. But working for myself allows me to be present for her in a way that nothing else could.

Have you ever thought you were better suited for something else?: Yes - being a teacher (although that's what I do now every day) and being a HR professional or Trainer for a Luxury brand. I know that's specific but that's my love of people, and my love of fashion in one!

Fear plagues everyone, what do you when you are afraid of a challenge? : I face it head on. But first I procrastinate - then I get my life and I pray. Then I face it.

Where did you grow up?: Queens NY baby! Born and raised. 1st Generation American - so I'm Jamaican from my head to my toes.

Top five songs on your playlist right now: chile.
24 Karat Magic - bruno mars
penthouse floor - John legend feat. chance
Overload - John Legend featuring Miguel
Bling Bling - Jungle pussy
Thug it out - TT the artist

What are some of the "Must Haves" you must have to start your day? : Prayer and devotion first thing in the am. A hot shower. Music. Every day. Otherwise I am not my best self.

Favorite Escape: My books and my fashion magazines. preferably on a beach!

Top 3 Favorite IG Feeds: @colormecourtney

Best FB Groups : Yikes - I am in a few but I would say

- woo boss collective
- greek grotto
- nomadness travel tribe
- wandering moms
- dream catchers - live richer

Favorite Youtuber: don't have one!




Thank for #ExploringAmazingWomen with me!!! We learned the best inspiration can be found right at home, music is soul food and service is satisfying.   Thank you Kishshana for sharing yourself with us.  May your endeavors continue their upward trajectory.  May your devotionals deliver daily and your checks always on time.  


Exploring Eurila plans to explore more amazing people! If there is anyone you want me to meet and profile, let me know!  I also want to know what you're working on these days!

Have a great week you guys!


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