VIDEO - #ExploringEurila Presents - Exploring Amazing Women - Jess Hilarious "The Princess of Comedy"

"Oh my god!! Do you follow Jess Hilarious on Instagram? You gotta follow her, she's HILARIOUS!"

This was my introduction to Jess Hilarious.    My sister in law, vocalist, Salima Sounds came to visit one day. We talk for hours about everything and as usual our conversation landed on social media. Salima is my young ear to the web. She puts me on to all the best Youtubers, Blogs and Instagrammers and keeps me abreast of all the natural hair care gurus. Without her I wouldn't know who Jess Hilarious, Shameless Maya, or Issa Rae are and my hair would not know what avocado and olive oil was.  Thank you Salima! Because of you I have gorgeous hair, a humorous attitude toward life and more cat related posts than any one person should have.

Sharing content expands lives. Thanks to Salima's sharing, everyday I can get a chuckle from one of Jess' daily posts. Everyday! 24 year old Mom, Actress and Comedian, Jess Hilarious Moore is a hustler and she's naturally funny.  She brings that hustle from her Instagram page to Club stages and does it like an old pro.  Siting Martin Lawrence, Charlie Murphy and Ellen Degeneres as her inspiration, Jess truly delivers raw real life humor everyone can relate to.  She is so personable in under two years she amassed an Instagram following of over 490k people. We all want to be her shotgun as she drives through Baltimore telling us about her son being sent home from school for baggin' on his teachers edges.

Delivering her posts in a head bonnet or full rainbow wig unit. Jess Hilarious wears many hairs.  I actually love all her hairstyles. Her page looks like a hair style menu. So many different looks and she sells them! So Jess is professional, poised, profitable and cute. And has a boyfriend and a 4 year old son. Go Jess :) AND! Is my next feature for Exploring Eurila The Blog Show!

The overwhelming question these days is "Why are you doing this blogshow?"  What do you want out of it? To which I answer, "Because I can". With the skills and talents I possess I have the unique advantage of creating visual media. I feel it is my responsibility to use this advantage to the betterment of women like me. Hustling women, progressive women, women with a purpose. Women who live purposely on purpose.  What I want, is for one day it to be assumed that the black women you meet are ALL hard working, professional women, creative and INDUSTRIOUS people doing incredible things.

Women like Jess Hilarious. Women like me.

Mega megaphone shout out to Jess for her patience and professionalism and for sharing her self with #ExploringEurila the Blogshow!

Thank you so much for watching #ExploringEurila The Blogshow! Your reading of this blog and viewing of this video is supporting the work of several hardworking industrious black women. Women who's work provides food, clothing and shelter to families, helps communities grow and whole nations prosper.  Please share and talk to me!

When you think of women of the future, who comes to mind? When you think of amazing women who pops up?

Check out the photos from her Show at Milk River! 

Let me hear from you!


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