Ril People - Video Series - Ep. 1 - Janice “The Mango Chow Lady”

@exploringeurila #theblogshow proudly presents Ep. 1 of our latest series ”Ril People” featuring : Janice ”The Mango Chow Lady”.

When the heart good, the whole body good”.

Janice is the rainbow soul under the rainbow umbrella in front of @bklynlibrary at #grandarmyplaza. Janice takes a bus and the train from her home to the library 6 days a week and serves mango chow. All by herself she gets these shopping carts to Grand Army Plaza!!! All by herself and says she thanks God for the strength. I do too!

Methodologically Janice cuts each mango and zip locks them. Explaining the value of her formula while she pours the chow over the mango. She talked with me today about how misleading Anthony Bourdains portrayal of Trinidad was and said if she could she’d show the real Trinidad and speak with the elders. #dontemptme

I wanted to profile Janice and her Mango Chow (whose ingredients will not be shared by me) because I strongly believe in good people and the bodies ability to use food as a source of medicine and heal the body in ways pharmaceutical never could. As well as let my good people know where they can find such food in common places. Janice says; ”When the heart good, the whole body good” #wegoodoverhere

You might not think to check the library for medicine but as Janice says, ”the library is a center for resource”. They also have amazing cookies and a gagillion books on every subject imaginable. You will find answers to your questions there.

If you havent visited the library in a while, make sure you visit soon. Stop by the rainbow umbrella. Tell her the video lady sent you. She will smile and say ”oh yeah?! Well isn't God good?!” then serve you some health facts while see freshly cuts your mango and save your life.

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