Hey everybody!

I'd like to share my fitness coach Coach Malcolm Davis's Fall Special with you all!! If you follow me on social media you KNOW I've been working out and you know I've been getting results from the work I've put in. It's your turn now!  Check out this amazing deal and join me:

"Labor Day marks the "official end" of the BBQ Season (doesn't apply to football tailgaters), back to school for the kids, and apple picking trips (Masker Farms in Warwick, NY has THE BEST MACINTOSH apples).

It is also when we offer our annual Labor Day Sale!  Here's how it goes...

  • Save $50 when you join Team Fantasy Fitness in the month of September
  • Be one of the FIRST 25 people to sign up to get the discount
  • Do all that is required of you to get the results your looking for.  Should you not get these results, you will receive DOUBLE your $$$ back

Sign up by clicking on the link below, eat smart (with our guidance), train, train, TRAIN, and get results!


This sale will be up for the weekend, and will end on Monday, so make it your business to be one of the 1st 25 to take advantage of this cool offer!"

Here is his contact information if you have any questions:

'Coach' Malcolm Davis
Fantasy Fitness


September 2017.   #pardonmylaundry :) 

September 2017.   #pardonmylaundry :) 

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Season after season I surprise myself with how strong I can become.  It's translated into so many other areas of my life.  I prioritize working out because it allows me a moment where the only thing that matters is I keep breathing.   We get worked breathless and in recovering we get stronger.  It's exciting, rewarding, fun and local! Fort Greene Park at the Monument or Boys and Girls High School Field in Bed Stuy.  The best investment I've ever made and make every month. 

Bring a friend and get more discounts!   As an ambassador for Fantasy Fitness NYC I encourage you to challenge yourself and join me every week for Fantasy Fitness team training to experience just how strong you are!