VIDEO - #ExploringEurila Presents #Exploring Amazing Women - Devora Wooden

ExploringEurila The BlogShow continues the Exploring Amazing Women series with my homegirl and bawse babe Devora Woode of Dig Deep Inc.! 

Devora and I go way back. We've done alot together. Fashion shows, Photoshoots and conference events. We party, we plan and build.  In this interview we go to Marcy Projects in Brooklyn, where it all started.  Devora shares her insights on the trep hustle and personal success.  

The point of all this is sharing people who by their basic beings live a purposeful life.  Living purposefully on purpose. We all live but not everyone understands their life and conduct themselves according to their missions.  

These women understand and live in their missions and this is what makes them amazing.  I don't need awards or celebrity associations to learn and grow by an example.  

Who they are is completely enough.  

Dig Deep Baby! 

Enjoy the show! And check out the Q&A!!!

NAME: Devora Wooden

INSTAGRAM: devoraofdigdeep

TWITTER: devoraofdigdeep



Define your purpose:: My Purpose to Beautify Peoples Lives through Good Business and Great Products.

What or Who inspired your present path?: My passion to make a difference in peoples lives I touch inspires me to want to bigger and better things

Have you ever thought you were better suited for something else?: I always think whether I am doing enough with my Passions to make an impact in the World. But I will continue to move along this path until it brings me to another

Fear plagues everyone, what do you do when you are afraid of a challenge? : When I am afraid, I think back to when I had all the education in the world but no money. I realize I can do and be anything. Creating endless possibilities for myself gives me strength to tackle what I fear

Where did you grow up?: The Home of Biggie & Jay - Brooklyn, New York in the Worlds Most Famous Housing Projects - Marcy

Top five songs on your playlist right now: 10 Bands by Drake
Bag of Money by Rick Ross
Needed Me by Rihanna
You Dont Eat by Jadakiss
All Night by Beyonce

What are some of the "Must Haves" you must have to start your day? : My Accessories are the first thing I think about when I wake up lol then my outfit
I also have to have a clip of some Killa Goods

Favorite Escape: My favorite escape is my Bath Tub

Top 3 Favorite IG Feeds: I working to Make My Feeds My Favorite

Best FB Groups : Johnson C Smith University Alumni Group

Favorite Youtuber: None

ANYTHING ELSE?: I am in the Beauty of Building Business..Join Me!

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