Consistency is key....

So blogs are supposed to be regular.  I understand.  I just choose other stuff.  Blogging is vulnerablity on a platter.  I basically run from it.

And consistency is repetitive and repetition is boring!! I'm a Gemini man, I need change and I need it a lot.  In my photography I consistently change.  I change settings, I change directions, I change techniques, I change lens. I change my subject matter. 

Each time I make a change the experience feels new to me and therefore feels like I'm starting over.  So I've agreed with my inner team to live as inconsistently as possible as often as possible.  #mindtrickmyself

What this means on #exploringeurila maybe having a conversation on pie one week and convo on Mac and cheese another, not making a video or maybe sharing someone else's work.  Y'all know how this works.  So as long as that's alright with you, we can hang out. Me? I'm ok with that.  

So why a consistency conversation? I am embracing "Weakness". It's my new thing. Using my kryptonite instead of running from it.  Facing my less productive traits honestly with intention on making peace with everything I am. #ENTP #ExploringEurila

Aiming to vibrate higher I am using words and thought to generate the existence experience I want and become the bestest Eurila possible I have to claim my victory.  The real test is actualizing physical results from the intentions of your heart.  

This weekend is my 37th birthday and Father's Day Weekend.  I'm gathering some chums to play Kings of Comedy in my backyard on Saturday and shooting family portraits for some cool Brooklyn Dads on Sunday.  Laughter keeps you young and Dads deserve a special of their own sometimes too. 

As I work on my consistency I can't help but to remember that each year I age I've done atleast one thing consistently and correctly!!! Yay me!! 

My hair changes often as well... 

My hair changes often as well... 


Father's Day Special

Saturday June 19, 2016 ONLY

Show Dad how much he matters.

Show Dad how much you care.

Capture the happiness that is because he IS!


(Cuz he hates pictures and wants to watch the game, But loves you does what ever you say :))

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Early Sessions

10am - 2pm

Prospect Park - Parkside Entrance

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5pm - 9pm

Brooklyn Bridge Park - Janes Carousel

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