VIDEO- The Blog Show - #CaliBeCookin - Roast Broccoli

Recently I've decided to embark on a 30 day paleo diet challenge.  Paleo is eating everything but anything you like. Rice, beans,  plaintains, potatoes, corn...all no nos. No carbs, no sugar and no fullness. So you eat all day and never get full but wake up everyday smaller.  I've lost about 4 inches. In 3 weeks. 

Still mid way through the month I began not eating at all because I couldn't stomach another salad.  During a Fantasy Fitness tabatas class at Fort Greene Park (You should come!) Coach Davis started talking about food. Which he always does by the way. Really good info too!   I mentioned I was sick of salad. He asked me if I ate Broccoli and cauliflower. I said, "not cauliflower (it's weird) but yeah I eat broccoli! Had Broccoli last night. I don't want Broccoli!"

He goes; "try this: slice the Broccoli and cauliflower lay it out on a pan and sprinkle it with a little salt and pepper, the cracked kind some of those almond flour crackers, crumble them up real good. Then take some butter and heat it, use only the cream part or all of it and sprinkle and drizzle it all on there, pop it in the oven until it's crispy and I'm telling you, you'll love it."  


I tried it. I loved it. I loved it so much I made a video. Because this was too easy not to make.  It's Broccoli almost everyone eats Broccoli. And almost everyone smokes Broccoli.  

If you don't, that's ok. You will enjoy the roast Broccoli. If you do, cool. Enjoy seeing a proper roll up.  

Broccoli is a regular part of my diet. Considered a superfood or a food with no nutritional value (Dr. Sebi), a gateway drug or medicine (also Dr. Sebi) Broccoli comes from nature and I love natural things.   


Speaking of natural things. It's a natural thing to explore your own interests and I think we all should take time to really discover what we like and love and want more of in our lives. This show experience was intended to give my natural explorative natural, talents and abilities a physical form. 

I appreciate you all so much for sharing your time with me and accompanying me on this journey.  But this is no longer about just me.  Understanding atleast 50 people (more like 3000 but whose counting) will see this and love it and use the recipe and love that, is what this is about.   It's about 50 (or 3000) lives being fed in a positive way.  

The Blog Show is about what you like and love and want more of in your life.  Whatever the topic is. Today Broccoli, tomorrow the woman or man behind your favorite events and restaurants.  Whatever comes up we will have fun exploring it.  

The theme is and was; living purposefully on purpose. Meaning, living intentionally.  Moving about your choices with confidence. Armoured with information, tools and resources. 

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Stayed tuned and stayed tuned up! Only good stuff over here. ✊🏾

Please leave comments and tell me how your roast Broccoli comes out and what you're interested in seeing next! I'll be posting old videos on the new YouTube channel as well. 

See you next week!