VIDEO - #ExploringEurila presents #ExploringAmazingWomen - Aidah Z. Muhammad

#ExploringEurila has finally found what I truly believe to be my place (a place I find or create at least annually). I've even summed up what the entire premise is in a few words; "Living life purposefully, on purpose."  

Which means living life by your own definition.  Intentionally.  Also with a spirit of community and giving.  One that goes beyond you as an individual because you know we are all family. Human family.   

Aidah is family.  My sister in art, in Islam, in fashion, in everything Brooklyn.  We are cut from the same cloth.  

We met almost 20 year ago and for 20 years I have witnessed the magic in being deliberate.  Using visual cues in as many controlled spaces as possible Aidah lives life by her own design.  Even decorating purposefully.  All because she learned at an early age that all of life is possible, words are powerful and life is what you make it, so make it beautiful.  

In this Blogshow episode we discuss how this intentional living works with her life design of being a Global Experience Engineer.  Aidah is an event producer by trade with a mission to make a global impact one event at a time.  This conversation is a brief introduction of a woman I find amazing because of all that she is and all she inspires me to be.  

 #ExploringAmazingWomen is an exploration of my personal interests in the people that surround me.  I have incredible friends.   It looks like I am most certainly developing a mentors council on the low.  The people I encounter daily are powerful.  I want to acknowledge that.  Beyoncé and em' get enough awards. But what that plug do tho? Who can I call when I need to organize? Who will make the shit go?!  That's who I want to know.  These friends of mine are the go getters, they are the PLUGS!  

Here is to the everyday maven you have no clue is powering your life. Making shit go!


Thank you from the bottom of my heart for allowing me into your life and into your homes and businesses.   You inspire me beyond words, so here is a video😊

 Everyone meet Aidah Z. Muhammad: 


In this video you get a tiny peek into the world of @heyaidah's eclectic style and passions.


As well read the Q&A below to find out more about Aidah and why she's amazing. 


NAME : Aidah Z. Muhammad

INSTAGRAM: @heyaidah





Define your purpose:

I believe our purpose is not meant to be defined. Purpose is divinely decreed, which is why human beings spend so much energy striving to figure out what it is.
I AM. There is no other me on the planet and in that truth, I've already fulfilled my purpose. We all have.
Purpose is subjective. I AM.


What or Who inspired your present path?:

I've been inspired by so much over the course of my life. The things that move me to tears, makes my heart race and my mind wonder are all reminders of my presence. An authentic testimony or compelling story, sick melody layered with the most magical voice. I'm even moved and inspired by odd things. That moment your stomach shifts during take-off or landing or even a stroll down the sunny side of a bustling NYC street and you lock eyes with a fellow commuter, exchanging a subtle smile, acknowledging their energy. Since my life's path closely resembles the Tianmen Shan Big Gate Road, in China, inspiration has no distinct pattern.


Have you ever thought you were better suited for something else?:

Absolutely! I've imagined what my days would be like if I pursued a profession as an archaeologist or dancer/singer/actor—yes, I lumped them together—I was extraordinary at all three in my childhood. Then, I got hit with the behind the scenes bug and production became my greatest pursuit.

Fear plagues everyone, what do you when you are afraid of a challenge?

Sometimes, I yield to fear knowing it will pass as long as I don't submit. Other times, I tell fear to have a seat and watch how courage steps up to show out. Usually that looks like a phone call to a friend to coach me through it, or I listen to some encourageing music that lifts me up.


Where did you grow up?:

I'm a proud Planet Brooklynite.

Top five songs on your playlist right now:

I don't have a "Top 5"...I Spotify and everything is on shuffle ;-)

What are some of the "Must Haves" you must have to start your day? :

Light...preferably sunlight

Favorite Escape:

Being by a body of water.
Searching the internet for anything that comes to mind.

Top 3 Favorite IG Feeds:  

Best FB Groups :

Favorite Youtuber: