#ExploringEurila Presents - Exploring Amazing Women - The Series

Michelle Obama, Maya Angelou, Kathleen G. Johnson. Amazing women in history. Kishshana Palmer, Aidah Muhammad, Jess Hilarious, Devora Wooden, Shelley Chapman, Remi Fagbohun. Amazing Women in my history.

What qualifies these women as "Amazing"? What connects these women to you?  Why should you read an article about these women? What can these women do for you? 

All questions I really did not consider before creating this series. This endeavor (as most I persue) was for completely selfish reasons.   I did not really want to find out what these women's lives are like FRFR (For real For real, I just learned what this meant).  I just wanted to create. I wanted to make something with my camera that I did not see anyone else make.  Something genuinely me.   It was also selfishly designed to advertise Cali York Photography.

Why create a blogshow when you can just make commercials? Good Question. The answer; more selfishness.  These are commercials :) All of it!  Every video is created by me. From the pre-production concept development to the finalizing of the video for sharing. I did it all.   Literally.

Why these women of all the women you know?  Another good question.  Each of the blogshow features are personal friends of mines who I just find incredibly dope and want more exposure for.  Some friends I've know over 20 years and others not even 20 months. Still they have added a new facet to this diamond and this is how I thank them. 

How does this help you? What do you get out of this? More excellent questions! For now you get to meet some very real women doing very real things.  Non-Profit strategy consulting, retail business owners, wellness teachers, event production, actress/comedian, fashion styling and more.  Every facet of your diamond is shined through this series. And this is hardly the end.

Overall my aim is to encourage you to see my show as your permission slip to do something you have a passion for but are afraid of.  I explore me; For You. Because I have to live with you and among you and you're not happy because you "wish you could do what I do".  Well you absolutely can.  Sometimes all you need to do is see that it has been done. I will show you what is being done.  What people are doing, how, where and why. 

Whether this blogshow goes viral or never goes beyond this post, I've made history for myself and 6 women with this series. The more videos I make the more history I make. Displaying images of women of color(aka me) productively utilizing their god given and learned skills is history and I plan to do a better job of it.   I selfishly want every woman who looks like to me know what I know about using her power and use it.  Then the fastest and most efficient way for longevity and wide range exposure is video. So here we are.

Thank you SO much for watching #ExploringEurila The BlogShow! I totally appreciate it.



So far I have introduced you to:

@Funddiva Kishshana Palmer, NonProfit Strategy Consultant - www.Kishshanaco.com


@heyaidah Aidah Muhammad Global Experience Engineer - www.heyaidah.com

Kishshana Palmer by Cali York Photography

Kishshana Palmer by Cali York Photography

Aidah Muhammad by Cali York Photography

Aidah Muhammad by Cali York Photography

Two amazing women who let us in on the passions that inspire what they do.  

This week you get to meet:

Instagram's @Jesshilarious_official Jess Moore - Princess of Comedy AND @devoraofdigdeep The Industrious Hustla-  Devora Wooden

@JessHilarious_official Princess Of Comedy

@JessHilarious_official Princess Of Comedy

Devora Wooden by Cali York Photography

Devora Wooden by Cali York Photography

Two amazing women who talk real talk and let us in on what it takes to hustle creatively.

Following up next week will be behind scenes at NY Fashion week with Remi Fagbohun AND MORE!

I KNOW you have some comments and questions for me so leave them in the comments.  And l KNOW you know some other Amazing women so let me know who YOU want to be featured!






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