Happy New Year 2017

At first I feigned relief and disbelief at the events of 2016 running their course. "So glad that's over", "2016 was awful", "Who died this time?'  Totally overlooking the fantastic year I actually had to play a part in the cast of "As the World Burns".  Our new POTUS, Syria or Chicago being a part of daily life would make the role easy to assume but Exploring Eurila don't do easy.   Its just not how I was designed.  If there is a hard way, best believe, I've already thought of it.  


Focusing my attention on the positive aspects of my 2016 would take fortitude.  It would take patience with oneself and plain ole good humor.  Realizing I filmed and photographed an event each week would allow me to take inventory on what the beejezzus I'm actually doing with my life. 


Before I go too far I'd like to sincerely thank everyone who supports Cali York Photography.  Through your support I am able to use my visual media abilities for the betterment of mankind.  Which, since I was ten years old, would be the ultimate role.  Thank you!!!


Now 2016 was great.  It was adventurous and exciting. Sometimes quiet but over all productive.   Cali York Photography got it all the way in with making videos and shooting events.  The two things that bring me the most joy right now.  

The highlight of my year is really this review! I had no idea I had done so much until I sat down to write it all out.  It's like a game for me to count up all my work in the last week of the year.  This is the second year in review videos I've made in 5 years.   

A few things I've learned last year: 

1) The sum is greater than the whole of its parts.  Aka you need people.  People aren't just awesome photo subjects, they are just awesome.  From immense talent, to deep devotion, to flare and spice, people are himalayan pink sea salt on your wilted kale salad. 

2) It's really hard paying bills with exposure.  And even harder to work exposure into paid work when you don't know who your market is or how to give them what they need.  Learning this has been wonderful.  You can stop trying so hard by serving genuine needs.  

3). I should probably invest in a monopod.  I love to shoot video. My shoulders love it too. But I'm sure the sensor in my camera is angered by my "excessive camera shake". 

The greatest lesson was actualizing a vision and creating videos. Period. I had to show myself it could be done and that I could do it...  and Do it I did! 

Thank you all again for booking Cali York Photography and trusting us to deliver you visual media.  We really appreciate it.  As well are grateful to be of service to you, as you document your important events.  

Check out my year! No wait check out OUR year in review!!  Dude!  We went in! (Video at the top). 

Id love to hear about your 2016 takeaways and crushed goals.  Leave them in the comments box!!

What did you smurder in 2016??  

New Years Eve Selfie

New Years Eve Selfie

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