The Blue Suit Story

As seen on IG: @exploringeurila

As seen on IG: @exploringeurila

The Blue Suit Story:


   Her ambition was freedom. His complacency.  Tired of abuse she pleaded with her free husband John, "we have to leave here". John objected.   Driven by the desire to taste fresh water and live a day without a cotton splinter, Araminta escapes. Making her way all the way to Albany, NY from the state of Georgia, Araminta reaches her freedom.


After a year or so, establishing a residence and working as a seamstress she decides it's time to go to Georgia and bring John back with her.   The walk was long and arduous but she bought John the finest blue suit she could find and he was her husband.  So walk she did. Bringing along the blue suit.  When  she arrives in Georgia and goes to the home she once shared with John to learn not only does John not want to go to Albany but he has moved on and married again. Instead of being devastated she sought to stay free and free others.


Because of the experience she had escaping she was sure she could help anyone in her former position.  So that's what she did.  Hundreds of free lives later her story would become the stuff of legends, she would be a solider, her own dentist and the mother of black liberation.  Her name ring bells like Sunday at 12 o'clock and her face will one day grace the $20 dollar bill.   Araminta Harriet Ross turned rejection into power and saved the world.


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