BK MJ 2016 - Spike Lee's Annual Tribute event - VIDEO

This past weekend my little brother hosted a backyard barbecue for the Annual Michael Jackson tribute concert Spike Lee hosts in Brooklyn.  I took my little people to Stuyvesant Avenue and Quincy Street to celebrate the life of the worlds most influential person; Michael Jackson.  My little people are my two daughters and my nephew who stayed in the house the WHOLE time (insert rolling eyes emoji).

I, on the other hand, went outside, took some pictures, ran into friends, made new acquaintances and saw my personal visual artist idol person SPIKE LEE.  

I'm not one to share my deepest admirations for the celebrities I LOVE  for 1) fear of being overly influenced and losing myself loving them so much 2) fear of being perceived opportunistic because I just want to know them as people, but most people just want to be around them and 3) fear of actually being opportunistic and not realizing it.  FEAR lol  I'm scared to be looked at negatively so I just keep my interactions brief and try not to seem like I want anything. When I really want their home phone number and to know that truly frightens them!

I meet "famous" people all the time and while I know who they are, know they are human just like me and the amazing things they have done, I do my absolute best to ignore that and treat them like "regular people".  I'm not always successful though.  One day shooting for McDonald's I met Finesse Mitchelle... I bolted through a crowd of people to run to him and hug him THEN take his picture (Insert crying face emoji).  Yes, totally unprofessional, I know.  But that was the last time... Oh no wait... Jidenna.  I tried to get his phone number.  I just out right asked for it.  Did I get it? NO. But I did give him my number lol Did he call!?  Not yet! I remain hopeful though :). 

All this talk about famous people is because right now I would love to use my set of skills for Spike Lee's Spike DDB Advertising company and fear stands in the way.  I really wanted to climb up on that stage and sing or spit a verse, take a  cool picture or something noticeable. The way Big Daddy Kane, Boys II Men and countless others have (I can't rap, Ive tried) to show their "Bout it ness".   The way hip hop history works, the best way to do that would be to take my printed resume to Spike directly, wait for him to be wowed by my brazenness and tell me to come in for a meeting.   Instead fear makes a video and passively post it to social media with  itsfingers crossed. Then write a blog!  Fear is a dream killer. Don't listen to fear.

ANY-WAAYYYY!! Back to Saturday's event :)

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