Sharing is caring - Letting go - POST

It really is. But if sharing is caring why is it so hard??!?!?!! ☹️.  When it comes to sharing my work I freeze up and get super anxious and worry if it's the right image at the right time for the right audience.  Whether the client will want me to take it down or whether I will offend someone.   Never not once ever have I posted an image on this blog or social media with out some type of intense deliberation.  It's truly exhausting.  Learning not to compare myself to others I can't help but wonder why it's so difficult for me.  

Oh! I know why!! I've placed many many rules over myself and my process. What my business should look like by virtue of the other guys model who is modeled after some guy who sells chicken. And then you realize. There are no rules. Just the rules you agree to. 

I started my first blog when I learned what they were from a co-worker back in 2005... At the time it was even worse because I had not yet decided to pursue photography full time and was enjoying my new work at Yahoo! HotJobs, my new baby (who is 10 now) a fashion based hobby and a marriage.  Blogs were what people used to talk about their hobbies and kids and I did that well enough on the phone and in letters (yes, like the paper kind you put in a mailbox) or real life.  

Honestly I did try to blog on all of that but never really liked the idea of just having my life out in the world with no real interaction from others because from day one, 5 people have supported these blogs.  Nor did I have the patience.  Had I known how great of a blog I might have with consistency and a little nofucksgivenness I would have stuck to it.  But I let it go and day after day for the last 12 years have just wanted something I wasn't working for.    



Letting go of this hang up was easy but Ive done it. Releasing myself from limitation only I know exist is my dance. This image reminds me of freedom of choice. Photographed in Prospect Park at the drummers circle. The model bravely danced like no one was watch.  Still one of my favorite photo sessions. 


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