Where ya been gurl!?

OMG!!! I'm gonna have to put you oooon to the struggle!  LAWD!  Blogging I had no clue, is literally a full time JOB! If you want it to be successful.   I've been taking my time learning what successful blogs take, exploring the myriad of options available to me as a skilled photographer, celebrating clean water and caring for the health and wellness of myself and family.  Living life has pretty much taken up all the time I thought I had to blog.  You should really follow me on Instagram.  I always seem to have time for the Gram!

Still Ive made a commitment to buckle down and do this work. For it is truly work I love.  Soon there will be so many posts we won't even notice there was a whole month missing :D 

SO with no further delay!!!!

A New Blog Post! 

I will make this one short, sweet and SUPER useful! Ready?! 

Here is one major tip for overall life success...

Scroll down to read it









DON'T WORRY!  BE HAPPY! (Cue the whistle).....

#caliyorkphotography 2011

#caliyorkphotography 2011