VIDEO - An #ExploringEurila moment in Black History

I've been working too hard to understand my exact offering to the world and put words to it.  Being able to do things well means nothing if you can't do things well for a purpose that needs it. 


When you ask the universe for things you get them. 


Right after I ask; "How can I find out what needs I fill without directly asking" I go to Facebook and here it is...


Here is evidence of my offering to the world. This recipe video was directed and filmed by me and edited by Shelley Chapman.

More than just supplying a camera person, I also supplied the mood, texture and visual taste of the food itself. I even advised Shelley what to wear for the meals being made. Visit www.bodyfoodfreedom :)

So before the videos were even being made I was valued as an asset to creative direction of the video. Shelley felt she could trust I would understand her vision. Which made it an organically positive experience for us both. This is work I enjoy.

While other photographers might have better work, equipment or rates she choose me for my style of non-technical and technical aspects of the process. A relaxed approach, ideas on connecting her vision for the meals that fit her markets needs done resourcefully and on time, as well as the equipment and experience. 


So to answer the question of what needs I fill, I can start with this:


"I fill visual image needs of information media outlets creatively and resourcefully specifically for their value vision resulting in increased engagements and interactions.   Online and off."


This is one sentence I can work with.  All day! Now, to get more Shelley's who need me is the next trick. 


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