VIDEO - Collard Greens #blackpeoplefood

High in fiber, heart healthy, low sodium, filling, nutritious and no where near a pig knuckle, fatback or neckbone.... To enjoy the wide range of benefits the blackest vegetable on earth has to offer you, eat your collard greens raw! Original recipe courtesy of @coach_ashura Modified with apples and avo by me. #collardgreens greens are one of the worlds healthiest foods. And the blackest! Not all black people eat them, yeah, yeah. Maybe just Run's mama but still. It's a black thing. 

You saw my thanksgiving post! 

 Cali's SuperBlack Collard Green Super Salad

1-2 bunches of collard greens

1 red onion (not featured but a great addition) 

1-2 Haas Avocados

1-2 Red Delicious Apples

Seasonings (1 tsp of each or more):

Pink Himilayan Sea Salt  

Black Pepper

Apple Cider Vinegar

Garlic & Onion powder 

Olive Oil  

The Process: 

Wash the collard greens well. Tear the leaf from the stalk and chop it up coarsely but not too small. Then cut up your avocado and apples.  Toss it all in a big bowl. Add your seasonings, ACV and OO. With your hands or big spoon; screw!!

 Enjoy!!! Tastes really good with Honey Balsamic Dressing. 



Collards are indeed super.  All you need to grow it is a collard gree stalk and dirt (water and sun of course)!! It's amazing!! .   #Apples are full of fiber too and are there to add crunchy sweetness.  #Avocado is there to add a contrasting texture and more #vitamins, antioxidants and other cell rebuilding goodness. The work you put in to make and eat it is like exercise too.


   #Blackdon'tcrack because we eat collard greens :) #blackhistorymonth #blackpeoplefood #exploringeurila #exploringfood #hearthealthy #highfiber #fast #lunch #collardgreens #apple #avocado #lemon #pinkseasalt #pepper #garlic #onion #redonion #evol #extravirginoliveoil #applecidervinegar  #choppedandscrewed #enjoy #xclan #publicenemy #weknewallalong

I made this 15sec video just for Instagram... I do that :). I'm a fool perhaps but to visit a followers page and by default be placed at the top of their list means to me that you get to see my posts.  Then realizing I have an audience of over 3000 people (collectively) that I could be better friends is making this whole social media thing real to me.   Giving you pieces of goodness amongst the madness is my offering to you. I appreciate you and you deserve posts with substance :)  FYI this salad is substantial in every respect and so is the black experience.   


How do you eat your collard greens?? Leave me some recipes!!  And stay tuned for some more awesome black photographers!! 

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