VIDEO - Black History Month

February 1st marks the first day of "Black History Month". In honor of Black History month I've decided its "Awesome Black Photographer" Month on #ExploringEurila "The BlogShow".  For the month of February I will share with you awesome black photographers who are changing the game.   Black history Month is a nation's moment to reflect on the magnificent contributions made by the "Black" individual throughout time. This series will be a little different, as the history in reflection is the present in action. 

Over the summer I met up with photographers and filmmakers throughout the city to discuss their motivations, projects and personal lives. Each week in February I will bring you a different photographer along with my usual cavalcade of quirkiness, humorous delivery and ancedotal factoids about black history. Oh and of course #hiphop.  All awesome, All visual, All black.    

#ExploringEurila "The blogshow" will rarely be directly about image making processes. Image making is EASY. It's image concept development that's hard. For example; street photography, the most organic and uncontrollable environment to photograph. Being a great street photographer means knowing more about your ability to translate emotions and tell a story than it is your technical aptitude for the device of a camera.  I like to dig a little deeper and find out the spirit of things. 

What I hope to accomplish with this black history month series is three fold. 1) I hope to honor my ancestors in media before me and give proper credit to hard work. 2) promote great people doing really impactful things with photography at their core 3) grow momentum for the series both internally and externally.

While I do some more background work to develop these videos into enjoyable learning experiences please enjoy the very first video I made for Awesome Black Photographer, featuring my good friend @RikAdore.  Then stay tuned for more!   I'd love to hear from you as well.  Let me know if there is an awesome black photographer I should get to know and I'd love to hear your favorite black history facts.  For example; did you know the photo wash and bath use for photo processing and the photo embossing machine was developed by a cuban black man by the name of Clatonia J. Dorticius?  

Glass plate negative of Serita Dorticus. 

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