So it's time I broke down and told you the truth. 

I do not want to teach photography. 

I do not want to go to St. Croix.

Keeping it all the way 100 I created Exploring Elsewhere Expeditions because I was CHALLENGED to. You all know how I feel about challenges.  Of course you're thinking; "No one can tell you what to do!!  Don't let anyone bully you!

I completely understand and completely agree. No one gets to tell me; "challenge yourself", "do the most", "don't be afraid", "you can do it"..   No one should be urging me to attempt brave new endeavors on my own or pursue goals I've created with my own vision. No. No one should ever do that.  #nope

Forget them, right?!  I should do what I REALLY want to do and what I REALLLYYY want to do is: 

  1. Empower you with the ability to create beautiful photographs.
  2. Help you make a connection with your camera.
  3. Discuss my passion for sunlight with people who want to listen to someone discuss how passionate they are about sunlight.  
  4. Take epic group pictures with epic people in really epic places. #IGguiltyPleasures
  5. Leave my living room for a few days for tamarind trees and the beach.

SOOOOO Yeah.  Why not?! St. Croix, it is.  You don't need a passport, the weather is pleasant and the island is gorgeous.  It's the most exhilarating challenge I have faced in a long time and I've met it head on. I'm really excited about it also.  Imagine waking up to the sound of the ocean with no pressing schedule, your camera and the whole day to take pictures and enjoy good food. Then imagine absolutely loving your pictures.  Then imagine knowing how you got those pictures and always being able to produce a great photograph.

Experience wise - Local influencers and connected residents who understand my vision and the island are collaborating with me to host.  They've help enlist the best chefs, excursions and transportation on our behalf to create a great experience on the island. 

Education wise - With over 20 years of photography (studio and field) experience I can almost guarantee to advance you beyond your technical camera and lighting hurdles big and small. I say almost because; you can lead a horse... 

Not to mention, I'm pretty decent company :)

The greatest risk is the one you don't take.  So while I've been planning and plotting and organizing since April, I'm now deciding to produce an event seemingly on short notice for the beginning of a holiday season.  For no other reason than giving myself a shot at something before I allow every reasonable and logical reason to stop me.  

Bish wha???   (lol too much Issa Rae #insecure) I don't want to do this, I NEED TO DO THIS. 

How does the poem go? 

There is freedom waiting for you,
On the breezes of the sky,
And you ask, "What if I fall?"
Oh, but my darling,
What if you fly?

- by Erin Hanson

I am hopeful. Perpetually.  

Still, I can not go alone.  Will you join me?

Exploring Elsewhere - St.Croix



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