VIDEO - #ExploringEurila Presents #Exploring Amazing Women - Devora Wooden


VIDEO - #ExploringEurila Presents #Exploring Amazing Women - Devora Wooden

ExploringEurila The BlogShow continues the Exploring Amazing Women series with my homegirl and bawse babe Devora Woode of Dig Deep Inc.! 

Devora and I go way back. We've done alot together. Fashion shows, Photoshoots and conference events. We party, we plan and build.  In this interview we go to Marcy Projects in Brooklyn, where it all started.  Devora shares her insights on the trep hustle and personal success.  

The point of all this is sharing people who by their basic beings live a purposeful life.  Living purposefully on purpose. We all live but not everyone understands their life and conduct themselves according to their missions.  

These women understand and live in their missions and this is what makes them amazing.  I don't need awards or celebrity associations to learn and grow by an example.  

Who they are is completely enough.  

Dig Deep Baby! 

Enjoy the show! And check out the Q&A!!!

NAME: Devora Wooden

INSTAGRAM: devoraofdigdeep

TWITTER: devoraofdigdeep



Define your purpose:: My Purpose to Beautify Peoples Lives through Good Business and Great Products.

What or Who inspired your present path?: My passion to make a difference in peoples lives I touch inspires me to want to bigger and better things

Have you ever thought you were better suited for something else?: I always think whether I am doing enough with my Passions to make an impact in the World. But I will continue to move along this path until it brings me to another

Fear plagues everyone, what do you do when you are afraid of a challenge? : When I am afraid, I think back to when I had all the education in the world but no money. I realize I can do and be anything. Creating endless possibilities for myself gives me strength to tackle what I fear

Where did you grow up?: The Home of Biggie & Jay - Brooklyn, New York in the Worlds Most Famous Housing Projects - Marcy

Top five songs on your playlist right now: 10 Bands by Drake
Bag of Money by Rick Ross
Needed Me by Rihanna
You Dont Eat by Jadakiss
All Night by Beyonce

What are some of the "Must Haves" you must have to start your day? : My Accessories are the first thing I think about when I wake up lol then my outfit
I also have to have a clip of some Killa Goods

Favorite Escape: My favorite escape is my Bath Tub

Top 3 Favorite IG Feeds: I working to Make My Feeds My Favorite

Best FB Groups : Johnson C Smith University Alumni Group

Favorite Youtuber: None

ANYTHING ELSE?: I am in the Beauty of Building Business..Join Me!


VIDEO - #ExploringEurila Presents - Exploring Amazing Women - Jess Hilarious "The Princess of Comedy"


VIDEO - #ExploringEurila Presents - Exploring Amazing Women - Jess Hilarious "The Princess of Comedy"

"Oh my god!! Do you follow Jess Hilarious on Instagram? You gotta follow her, she's HILARIOUS!"

This was my introduction to Jess Hilarious.    My sister in law, vocalist, Salima Sounds came to visit one day. We talk for hours about everything and as usual our conversation landed on social media. Salima is my young ear to the web. She puts me on to all the best Youtubers, Blogs and Instagrammers and keeps me abreast of all the natural hair care gurus. Without her I wouldn't know who Jess Hilarious, Shameless Maya, or Issa Rae are and my hair would not know what avocado and olive oil was.  Thank you Salima! Because of you I have gorgeous hair, a humorous attitude toward life and more cat related posts than any one person should have.

Sharing content expands lives. Thanks to Salima's sharing, everyday I can get a chuckle from one of Jess' daily posts. Everyday! 24 year old Mom, Actress and Comedian, Jess Hilarious Moore is a hustler and she's naturally funny.  She brings that hustle from her Instagram page to Club stages and does it like an old pro.  Siting Martin Lawrence, Charlie Murphy and Ellen Degeneres as her inspiration, Jess truly delivers raw real life humor everyone can relate to.  She is so personable in under two years she amassed an Instagram following of over 490k people. We all want to be her shotgun as she drives through Baltimore telling us about her son being sent home from school for baggin' on his teachers edges.

Delivering her posts in a head bonnet or full rainbow wig unit. Jess Hilarious wears many hairs.  I actually love all her hairstyles. Her page looks like a hair style menu. So many different looks and she sells them! So Jess is professional, poised, profitable and cute. And has a boyfriend and a 4 year old son. Go Jess :) AND! Is my next feature for Exploring Eurila The Blog Show!

The overwhelming question these days is "Why are you doing this blogshow?"  What do you want out of it? To which I answer, "Because I can". With the skills and talents I possess I have the unique advantage of creating visual media. I feel it is my responsibility to use this advantage to the betterment of women like me. Hustling women, progressive women, women with a purpose. Women who live purposely on purpose.  What I want, is for one day it to be assumed that the black women you meet are ALL hard working, professional women, creative and INDUSTRIOUS people doing incredible things.

Women like Jess Hilarious. Women like me.

Mega megaphone shout out to Jess for her patience and professionalism and for sharing her self with #ExploringEurila the Blogshow!

Thank you so much for watching #ExploringEurila The Blogshow! Your reading of this blog and viewing of this video is supporting the work of several hardworking industrious black women. Women who's work provides food, clothing and shelter to families, helps communities grow and whole nations prosper.  Please share and talk to me!

When you think of women of the future, who comes to mind? When you think of amazing women who pops up?

Check out the photos from her Show at Milk River! 

Let me hear from you!




#ExploringEurila Presents - Exploring Amazing Women - The Series

Michelle Obama, Maya Angelou, Kathleen G. Johnson. Amazing women in history. Kishshana Palmer, Aidah Muhammad, Jess Hilarious, Devora Wooden, Shelley Chapman, Remi Fagbohun. Amazing Women in my history.

What qualifies these women as "Amazing"? What connects these women to you?  Why should you read an article about these women? What can these women do for you? 

All questions I really did not consider before creating this series. This endeavor (as most I persue) was for completely selfish reasons.   I did not really want to find out what these women's lives are like FRFR (For real For real, I just learned what this meant).  I just wanted to create. I wanted to make something with my camera that I did not see anyone else make.  Something genuinely me.   It was also selfishly designed to advertise Cali York Photography.

Why create a blogshow when you can just make commercials? Good Question. The answer; more selfishness.  These are commercials :) All of it!  Every video is created by me. From the pre-production concept development to the finalizing of the video for sharing. I did it all.   Literally.

Why these women of all the women you know?  Another good question.  Each of the blogshow features are personal friends of mines who I just find incredibly dope and want more exposure for.  Some friends I've know over 20 years and others not even 20 months. Still they have added a new facet to this diamond and this is how I thank them. 

How does this help you? What do you get out of this? More excellent questions! For now you get to meet some very real women doing very real things.  Non-Profit strategy consulting, retail business owners, wellness teachers, event production, actress/comedian, fashion styling and more.  Every facet of your diamond is shined through this series. And this is hardly the end.

Overall my aim is to encourage you to see my show as your permission slip to do something you have a passion for but are afraid of.  I explore me; For You. Because I have to live with you and among you and you're not happy because you "wish you could do what I do".  Well you absolutely can.  Sometimes all you need to do is see that it has been done. I will show you what is being done.  What people are doing, how, where and why. 

Whether this blogshow goes viral or never goes beyond this post, I've made history for myself and 6 women with this series. The more videos I make the more history I make. Displaying images of women of color(aka me) productively utilizing their god given and learned skills is history and I plan to do a better job of it.   I selfishly want every woman who looks like to me know what I know about using her power and use it.  Then the fastest and most efficient way for longevity and wide range exposure is video. So here we are.

Thank you SO much for watching #ExploringEurila The BlogShow! I totally appreciate it.



So far I have introduced you to:

@Funddiva Kishshana Palmer, NonProfit Strategy Consultant -


@heyaidah Aidah Muhammad Global Experience Engineer -

Kishshana Palmer by Cali York Photography

Kishshana Palmer by Cali York Photography

Aidah Muhammad by Cali York Photography

Aidah Muhammad by Cali York Photography

Two amazing women who let us in on the passions that inspire what they do.  

This week you get to meet:

Instagram's @Jesshilarious_official Jess Moore - Princess of Comedy AND @devoraofdigdeep The Industrious Hustla-  Devora Wooden

@JessHilarious_official Princess Of Comedy

@JessHilarious_official Princess Of Comedy

Devora Wooden by Cali York Photography

Devora Wooden by Cali York Photography

Two amazing women who talk real talk and let us in on what it takes to hustle creatively.

Following up next week will be behind scenes at NY Fashion week with Remi Fagbohun AND MORE!

I KNOW you have some comments and questions for me so leave them in the comments.  And l KNOW you know some other Amazing women so let me know who YOU want to be featured!








Happy New Year 2017

At first I feigned relief and disbelief at the events of 2016 running their course. "So glad that's over", "2016 was awful", "Who died this time?'  Totally overlooking the fantastic year I actually had to play a part in the cast of "As the World Burns".  Our new POTUS, Syria or Chicago being a part of daily life would make the role easy to assume but Exploring Eurila don't do easy.   Its just not how I was designed.  If there is a hard way, best believe, I've already thought of it.  


Focusing my attention on the positive aspects of my 2016 would take fortitude.  It would take patience with oneself and plain ole good humor.  Realizing I filmed and photographed an event each week would allow me to take inventory on what the beejezzus I'm actually doing with my life. 


Before I go too far I'd like to sincerely thank everyone who supports Cali York Photography.  Through your support I am able to use my visual media abilities for the betterment of mankind.  Which, since I was ten years old, would be the ultimate role.  Thank you!!!


Now 2016 was great.  It was adventurous and exciting. Sometimes quiet but over all productive.   Cali York Photography got it all the way in with making videos and shooting events.  The two things that bring me the most joy right now.  

The highlight of my year is really this review! I had no idea I had done so much until I sat down to write it all out.  It's like a game for me to count up all my work in the last week of the year.  This is the second year in review videos I've made in 5 years.   

A few things I've learned last year: 

1) The sum is greater than the whole of its parts.  Aka you need people.  People aren't just awesome photo subjects, they are just awesome.  From immense talent, to deep devotion, to flare and spice, people are himalayan pink sea salt on your wilted kale salad. 

2) It's really hard paying bills with exposure.  And even harder to work exposure into paid work when you don't know who your market is or how to give them what they need.  Learning this has been wonderful.  You can stop trying so hard by serving genuine needs.  

3). I should probably invest in a monopod.  I love to shoot video. My shoulders love it too. But I'm sure the sensor in my camera is angered by my "excessive camera shake". 

The greatest lesson was actualizing a vision and creating videos. Period. I had to show myself it could be done and that I could do it...  and Do it I did! 

Thank you all again for booking Cali York Photography and trusting us to deliver you visual media.  We really appreciate it.  As well are grateful to be of service to you, as you document your important events.  

Check out my year! No wait check out OUR year in review!!  Dude!  We went in! (Video at the top). 

Id love to hear about your 2016 takeaways and crushed goals.  Leave them in the comments box!!

What did you smurder in 2016??  

New Years Eve Selfie

New Years Eve Selfie






So it's time I broke down and told you the truth. 

I do not want to teach photography. 

I do not want to go to St. Croix.

Keeping it all the way 100 I created Exploring Elsewhere Expeditions because I was CHALLENGED to. You all know how I feel about challenges.  Of course you're thinking; "No one can tell you what to do!!  Don't let anyone bully you!

I completely understand and completely agree. No one gets to tell me; "challenge yourself", "do the most", "don't be afraid", "you can do it"..   No one should be urging me to attempt brave new endeavors on my own or pursue goals I've created with my own vision. No. No one should ever do that.  #nope

Forget them, right?!  I should do what I REALLY want to do and what I REALLLYYY want to do is: 

  1. Empower you with the ability to create beautiful photographs.
  2. Help you make a connection with your camera.
  3. Discuss my passion for sunlight with people who want to listen to someone discuss how passionate they are about sunlight.  
  4. Take epic group pictures with epic people in really epic places. #IGguiltyPleasures
  5. Leave my living room for a few days for tamarind trees and the beach.

SOOOOO Yeah.  Why not?! St. Croix, it is.  You don't need a passport, the weather is pleasant and the island is gorgeous.  It's the most exhilarating challenge I have faced in a long time and I've met it head on. I'm really excited about it also.  Imagine waking up to the sound of the ocean with no pressing schedule, your camera and the whole day to take pictures and enjoy good food. Then imagine absolutely loving your pictures.  Then imagine knowing how you got those pictures and always being able to produce a great photograph.

Experience wise - Local influencers and connected residents who understand my vision and the island are collaborating with me to host.  They've help enlist the best chefs, excursions and transportation on our behalf to create a great experience on the island. 

Education wise - With over 20 years of photography (studio and field) experience I can almost guarantee to advance you beyond your technical camera and lighting hurdles big and small. I say almost because; you can lead a horse... 

Not to mention, I'm pretty decent company :)

The greatest risk is the one you don't take.  So while I've been planning and plotting and organizing since April, I'm now deciding to produce an event seemingly on short notice for the beginning of a holiday season.  For no other reason than giving myself a shot at something before I allow every reasonable and logical reason to stop me.  

Bish wha???   (lol too much Issa Rae #insecure) I don't want to do this, I NEED TO DO THIS. 

How does the poem go? 

There is freedom waiting for you,
On the breezes of the sky,
And you ask, "What if I fall?"
Oh, but my darling,
What if you fly?

- by Erin Hanson

I am hopeful. Perpetually.  

Still, I can not go alone.  Will you join me?

Let's Go to St. Croix - Oct 2017
1,799.00 2,499.00





So you wanna be a photographer... I can help :)


Cali York Photography is excited to announce DSLR and Cellphone photography workshops!! Designed to help you master your camera and produce stunning photography simply, practically and consistently. 

Do you shoot on Auto?  

Are you great at composing your images but totally miss why your pictures don’t match your viewfinder? 

Do you want a human being to help you figure out your camera? 

If you answered yes to any of these questions, check out this list of weekend workshops just for you: 

  • WTF?! (What's the Function) DSLR Workshop-  Figure out; “What the fudge?!"  I mean, "functions" of your camera really are. Come shoot and have fun learning camera basics.     
  • The Rock Yo Selfie Workshop  - Advance your Self portrait game. Come learn all kinds of nitty gritty know how's you need to Rock Yo Selfie!  
  • Blogger's Delight Workshop -  "New Blogger's Photography Starter" Kit featuring -  Everything you need to share your message far and wide. Tips for Social Media included! Get your website noticed
  • Exploring Elsewhere Photo Expeditions - Experience learning photography on exotic islands. Explore beautiful parts of the world and learn how to photograph it. First trip November 2016 to St. Croix! 


Better photographs are a workshop away!

What are you waiting for?!?

Click here 




Sharing is caring - Letting go - POST

It really is. But if sharing is caring why is it so hard??!?!?!! ☹️.  When it comes to sharing my work I freeze up and get super anxious and worry if it's the right image at the right time for the right audience.  Whether the client will want me to take it down or whether I will offend someone.   Never not once ever have I posted an image on this blog or social media with out some type of intense deliberation.  It's truly exhausting.  Learning not to compare myself to others I can't help but wonder why it's so difficult for me.  

Oh! I know why!! I've placed many many rules over myself and my process. What my business should look like by virtue of the other guys model who is modeled after some guy who sells chicken. And then you realize. There are no rules. Just the rules you agree to. 

I started my first blog when I learned what they were from a co-worker back in 2005... At the time it was even worse because I had not yet decided to pursue photography full time and was enjoying my new work at Yahoo! HotJobs, my new baby (who is 10 now) a fashion based hobby and a marriage.  Blogs were what people used to talk about their hobbies and kids and I did that well enough on the phone and in letters (yes, like the paper kind you put in a mailbox) or real life.  

Honestly I did try to blog on all of that but never really liked the idea of just having my life out in the world with no real interaction from others because from day one, 5 people have supported these blogs.  Nor did I have the patience.  Had I known how great of a blog I might have with consistency and a little nofucksgivenness I would have stuck to it.  But I let it go and day after day for the last 12 years have just wanted something I wasn't working for.    



Letting go of this hang up was easy but Ive done it. Releasing myself from limitation only I know exist is my dance. This image reminds me of freedom of choice. Photographed in Prospect Park at the drummers circle. The model bravely danced like no one was watch.  Still one of my favorite photo sessions. 




The Blue Suit Story

As seen on IG: @exploringeurila

As seen on IG: @exploringeurila

The Blue Suit Story:


   Her ambition was freedom. His complacency.  Tired of abuse she pleaded with her free husband John, "we have to leave here". John objected.   Driven by the desire to taste fresh water and live a day without a cotton splinter, Araminta escapes. Making her way all the way to Albany, NY from the state of Georgia, Araminta reaches her freedom.


After a year or so, establishing a residence and working as a seamstress she decides it's time to go to Georgia and bring John back with her.   The walk was long and arduous but she bought John the finest blue suit she could find and he was her husband.  So walk she did. Bringing along the blue suit.  When  she arrives in Georgia and goes to the home she once shared with John to learn not only does John not want to go to Albany but he has moved on and married again. Instead of being devastated she sought to stay free and free others.


Because of the experience she had escaping she was sure she could help anyone in her former position.  So that's what she did.  Hundreds of free lives later her story would become the stuff of legends, she would be a solider, her own dentist and the mother of black liberation.  Her name ring bells like Sunday at 12 o'clock and her face will one day grace the $20 dollar bill.   Araminta Harriet Ross turned rejection into power and saved the world.


#harriettubman #orginialgangster #thebluesuitstory #araminta #aramintaharrietross #triumphstories #belikearaminta #befree #exploringeurila

Follow me on Instagram!!  @exploringEurila or @caliyorkphotography



BK MJ 2016 - Spike Lee's Annual Tribute event - VIDEO

This past weekend my little brother hosted a backyard barbecue for the Annual Michael Jackson tribute concert Spike Lee hosts in Brooklyn.  I took my little people to Stuyvesant Avenue and Quincy Street to celebrate the life of the worlds most influential person; Michael Jackson.  My little people are my two daughters and my nephew who stayed in the house the WHOLE time (insert rolling eyes emoji).

I, on the other hand, went outside, took some pictures, ran into friends, made new acquaintances and saw my personal visual artist idol person SPIKE LEE.  

I'm not one to share my deepest admirations for the celebrities I LOVE  for 1) fear of being overly influenced and losing myself loving them so much 2) fear of being perceived opportunistic because I just want to know them as people, but most people just want to be around them and 3) fear of actually being opportunistic and not realizing it.  FEAR lol  I'm scared to be looked at negatively so I just keep my interactions brief and try not to seem like I want anything. When I really want their home phone number and to know that truly frightens them!

I meet "famous" people all the time and while I know who they are, know they are human just like me and the amazing things they have done, I do my absolute best to ignore that and treat them like "regular people".  I'm not always successful though.  One day shooting for McDonald's I met Finesse Mitchelle... I bolted through a crowd of people to run to him and hug him THEN take his picture (Insert crying face emoji).  Yes, totally unprofessional, I know.  But that was the last time... Oh no wait... Jidenna.  I tried to get his phone number.  I just out right asked for it.  Did I get it? NO. But I did give him my number lol Did he call!?  Not yet! I remain hopeful though :). 

All this talk about famous people is because right now I would love to use my set of skills for Spike Lee's Spike DDB Advertising company and fear stands in the way.  I really wanted to climb up on that stage and sing or spit a verse, take a  cool picture or something noticeable. The way Big Daddy Kane, Boys II Men and countless others have (I can't rap, Ive tried) to show their "Bout it ness".   The way hip hop history works, the best way to do that would be to take my printed resume to Spike directly, wait for him to be wowed by my brazenness and tell me to come in for a meeting.   Instead fear makes a video and passively post it to social media with  itsfingers crossed. Then write a blog!  Fear is a dream killer. Don't listen to fear.

ANY-WAAYYYY!! Back to Saturday's event :)

Exploring Eurila


VIDEO - Collard Greens #blackpeoplefood


VIDEO - Collard Greens #blackpeoplefood

High in fiber, heart healthy, low sodium, filling, nutritious and no where near a pig knuckle, fatback or neckbone.... To enjoy the wide range of benefits the blackest vegetable on earth has to offer you, eat your collard greens raw! Original recipe courtesy of @coach_ashura Modified with apples and avo by me. #collardgreens greens are one of the worlds healthiest foods. And the blackest! Not all black people eat them, yeah, yeah. Maybe just Run's mama but still. It's a black thing. 

You saw my thanksgiving post! 

 Cali's SuperBlack Collard Green Super Salad

1-2 bunches of collard greens

1 red onion (not featured but a great addition) 

1-2 Haas Avocados

1-2 Red Delicious Apples

Seasonings (1 tsp of each or more):

Pink Himilayan Sea Salt  

Black Pepper

Apple Cider Vinegar

Garlic & Onion powder 

Olive Oil  

The Process: 

Wash the collard greens well. Tear the leaf from the stalk and chop it up coarsely but not too small. Then cut up your avocado and apples.  Toss it all in a big bowl. Add your seasonings, ACV and OO. With your hands or big spoon; screw!!

 Enjoy!!! Tastes really good with Honey Balsamic Dressing. 



Collards are indeed super.  All you need to grow it is a collard gree stalk and dirt (water and sun of course)!! It's amazing!! .   #Apples are full of fiber too and are there to add crunchy sweetness.  #Avocado is there to add a contrasting texture and more #vitamins, antioxidants and other cell rebuilding goodness. The work you put in to make and eat it is like exercise too.


   #Blackdon'tcrack because we eat collard greens :) #blackhistorymonth #blackpeoplefood #exploringeurila #exploringfood #hearthealthy #highfiber #fast #lunch #collardgreens #apple #avocado #lemon #pinkseasalt #pepper #garlic #onion #redonion #evol #extravirginoliveoil #applecidervinegar  #choppedandscrewed #enjoy #xclan #publicenemy #weknewallalong

I made this 15sec video just for Instagram... I do that :). I'm a fool perhaps but to visit a followers page and by default be placed at the top of their list means to me that you get to see my posts.  Then realizing I have an audience of over 3000 people (collectively) that I could be better friends is making this whole social media thing real to me.   Giving you pieces of goodness amongst the madness is my offering to you. I appreciate you and you deserve posts with substance :)  FYI this salad is substantial in every respect and so is the black experience.   


How do you eat your collard greens?? Leave me some recipes!!  And stay tuned for some more awesome black photographers!! 



An #ExploringEurila moment in Black History

Eurila's FIRST Major NY Fashion Week!!! Such a non-black history type event I know! Trust me I feel a little guilty about it...but not that guilty, as I spent my time with a high profile Nigerian and South African.  Making my own history attending these awesome shows as a guest for the first time with powerhouse women who are black.  Other times I dressed models or and at one time designed my own clothes! A fashion line called "E. Cave Jeans". Another blog for another day.

E. Cave Jeans Original

E. Cave Jeans Original


 As a New Yorker, as a photographer, as some one who like clothes you would think (or rather I would think) I'd be a fashion week regular however I'll admit the experience intimidates me.  Everyone around you seems a foot and a half taller than you, wearing gloriously sewn garments spun by Rumpstilskin himself!!  And really the whole things seems trivia compared to hunger or clean water so it's really hard to take seriously sometimes.  So in one breath I'm scared as hell and the next I'm over it.  Ok maybe I'm being dramatic but this is how I feel. #imjusbeinhonest.  


Lets start with the first show...  John Paul Ataker. Wait, before that lets start with Remi Fagbohun @tvspr!  Remi and I met at a Coco and Breezy fashion showcase and birthday party back in 2007/8.  Her son Charles was a model so I made sure to connect with his mom to share the pictures from the show with her.  At that time I was all about the kids!! Coco and Breezy are eyewear designers. Remi is a major celebrity fashion stylist from Nigeria. Known on a first name basis at major designer showrooms and flagship stores by VIP guest services for Louboutin, Gucci, Tibi, John Paul Ataker to name a few.  A very small few as she is a full time high profile stylist, personnel shopper, mom, wife, true lover of people, connections, money and fashion.  Literally everywhere.  Her presence is HUGE. Beautiful, striking and commanding she's impossible to miss and further impossible not to be awed by.  If you can't already tell; I am a fan. 



Remi and I kept in touch only briefly after our first meeting before reuniting in 2013 when a birthday party for Nigerian powerhouse film producer Kemi Adetiba was being photographed by yours truly.  Fast forward a lot more parties and meetings over the last 3 years and here we are.  Me needing to get my life together fashion wise and expand my network, her needing amazeballs images and having the plus one to bring me along.  A match made in blogger heaven.  


We attended the show accompanied by South African Consulate General  Lebo Mokwena (political and economic) and discussed the power of confidence and connecting people with resources, money and life.  Being the connection and providing quality.  

Lunch at The Standard Grill

Lunch at The Standard Grill

I'm still trying to figure out just exactly when I grew up?!  It might have been this day lol.  

A #exploringeurila moment in black history.   



VIDEO - An #ExploringEurila moment in Black History

I've been working too hard to understand my exact offering to the world and put words to it.  Being able to do things well means nothing if you can't do things well for a purpose that needs it. 


When you ask the universe for things you get them. 


Right after I ask; "How can I find out what needs I fill without directly asking" I go to Facebook and here it is...


Here is evidence of my offering to the world. This recipe video was directed and filmed by me and edited by Shelley Chapman.

More than just supplying a camera person, I also supplied the mood, texture and visual taste of the food itself. I even advised Shelley what to wear for the meals being made. Visit www.bodyfoodfreedom :)

So before the videos were even being made I was valued as an asset to creative direction of the video. Shelley felt she could trust I would understand her vision. Which made it an organically positive experience for us both. This is work I enjoy.

While other photographers might have better work, equipment or rates she choose me for my style of non-technical and technical aspects of the process. A relaxed approach, ideas on connecting her vision for the meals that fit her markets needs done resourcefully and on time, as well as the equipment and experience. 


So to answer the question of what needs I fill, I can start with this:


"I fill visual image needs of information media outlets creatively and resourcefully specifically for their value vision resulting in increased engagements and interactions.   Online and off."


This is one sentence I can work with.  All day! Now, to get more Shelley's who need me is the next trick. 


#watchmework #itsaprocess #abeautifulprocess #exploringeurila


VIDEO - Black History Month


VIDEO - Black History Month

February 1st marks the first day of "Black History Month". In honor of Black History month I've decided its "Awesome Black Photographer" Month on #ExploringEurila "The BlogShow".  For the month of February I will share with you awesome black photographers who are changing the game.   Black history Month is a nation's moment to reflect on the magnificent contributions made by the "Black" individual throughout time. This series will be a little different, as the history in reflection is the present in action. 

Over the summer I met up with photographers and filmmakers throughout the city to discuss their motivations, projects and personal lives. Each week in February I will bring you a different photographer along with my usual cavalcade of quirkiness, humorous delivery and ancedotal factoids about black history. Oh and of course #hiphop.  All awesome, All visual, All black.    

#ExploringEurila "The blogshow" will rarely be directly about image making processes. Image making is EASY. It's image concept development that's hard. For example; street photography, the most organic and uncontrollable environment to photograph. Being a great street photographer means knowing more about your ability to translate emotions and tell a story than it is your technical aptitude for the device of a camera.  I like to dig a little deeper and find out the spirit of things. 

What I hope to accomplish with this black history month series is three fold. 1) I hope to honor my ancestors in media before me and give proper credit to hard work. 2) promote great people doing really impactful things with photography at their core 3) grow momentum for the series both internally and externally.

While I do some more background work to develop these videos into enjoyable learning experiences please enjoy the very first video I made for Awesome Black Photographer, featuring my good friend @RikAdore.  Then stay tuned for more!   I'd love to hear from you as well.  Let me know if there is an awesome black photographer I should get to know and I'd love to hear your favorite black history facts.  For example; did you know the photo wash and bath use for photo processing and the photo embossing machine was developed by a cuban black man by the name of Clatonia J. Dorticius?  

Glass plate negative of Serita Dorticus. 


VIDEO - New Year, Three Me!


VIDEO - New Year, Three Me!

Welcome to #ExploringEurila The Blogshow this interactive resume created by visual media maven, mom and motivational speaker, Eurila Cave, is a new kind of portfolio where you will be entertained, educated and excited by an exceptionally excellent effigy equalizer.  ENJOY the show! Honoring the present with a quick visit to the past.  This blogshow features a trip down memory lane and the creation of Cali York Photography.