Simple VIDEO Solutions

For Commercial Businesses


What moves your clients to react?  What triggers the desire to seek our your business?  Your business offers an amazing product, service or experience. Everyday you look for new and engaging ways to express the love for your work your clients and prospects adore you for.    Welcome to Cali York Photography. Your home for insightful and creative media. You've found your way!

  • Still Photography
  • Creative Video
  • Graphic Design
  • Concept Development

Simple Video

You've found your way here because your website needs a new look. You know great video is your key to better traffic on foot and online.  Lets get those numbers up!!

Whether it is Fried Chicken and Waffles, homemade orange and chocolate kettle style popcorn or not food at all!  Deliver mouthwatering temptation for your plates or products in the form of commercial video.  High definition, 4k quality, creative production and one stop for your conceptualizing, filming and editing needs.


Simple Photography

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Clean Lay-Flat Product photography for Amazon sales or Natural light lifestyle product photography for your website, sales and marketing materials. You need for realistic and relatable images are fulfilled with gorgeous photography your market understands and responds to.