Wedding Packages - 2019


Thank you for considering Cali York Creative for your special day! It is our goal to work with you in the spirit of beauty, creativity and legacy. Aiming to capture the spark of passion in your commitment to one another, the earnestness of your hearts and your cupid shuffle! Choose your package below!

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A full day of portrait and event photography & videography.

Preparation through to the end of the reception. Formal wedding party portraits. 10-12 hours.


  • 1-12x9 photobook

  • best digital images provided online,

  • One USB

  • 7-10 min video .

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A half day of thoughtful and detailed portrait and event photography.

Preparation through Ceremony & Formal wedding party portraits. 1 hour Reception photography

6-8 hours


  • 1 - 12x9 photobook

  • All best digital images online

  • One USB

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Standard event photography.

Ceremony and Reception only. 4-6 hours


  • 1-8x10 photobook.

  • All best images online.

The very next day after your wedding your moments will be curated and edited. While you are on your honeymoon your wedding memories will be made real again and by the time you get home will in your mailbox!

Pictures are delivered digitally within 5 business days and your video is delivered in 15-20 business days.


Q: What is the difference between portrait and event photography?

A: Portraits are stylized images of individuals or groups and event images are less formal depictions of activities in action.

Are portraits included?


Q: Will the images be in High Resolution (What is that btw?)

A: Yes! High Resolution means the images are large files with very large enlargement potential. Meaning you can share them via web and print them as large as posters (20x24 and bigger!).

Q: Will you video the entire wedding?

A: Intermittent (interrupted) video clips will be recorded throughout the duration of the event in 30sec to 20min increments as determined by the videographer. These clips will then be edited into one cohesive 10 min video.

Q: Is the Video High Resolution?

A: Yes! Starting at 1080P we use 4k formatting as well. Our cameras produce life like images in all adequate lighting conditions.

Q: Can my family join the wedding party portraits?

A: Family participants are limited the bride and grooms parents, children and siblings.

Q: Will I be able to share my images with my guests?

A: Absolutely. All package options provide a shareable web link. Your guests will be able to view images online and if you prefer, download them. As well you can limit their access to visibility only.